Friday, July 27, 2007


this made me laugh!!! HAHA!!
so poor thing! :p

hope it makes your day :)



Crow said...

nice blog...i become ur fan thru friendster..all the best

Anonymous said...

heh Kewei, congrats on the start of ur new blog! will be here often=)... hv a nice day!

Anonymous said...

hee. oh mans.. that's really cute.

anyways.. takeaway!! hahaha i cant imagine this is really your bloggy! ahhh.. from since the 05 concert in singapore la.. haha.. you sang really well for david's backup singer.. hee. then later.. saw u on project superstar!! ahhh! hahaha.. sure win the daren de lo.. oops.. hee.

you jia you ehs.. really love your voice. haha.. cheers! =)

K said...

thanks to all! :)
glad you found me here some way or other!


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