Monday, September 17, 2007

fang da tong episode 2

this is getting fun :)

A number of people wanted to download this video,
you can do it via, here :)

Mp3 download HERE!


NICHOLAS said...

Nice demo.
Though it can't be a featured song in an album but its definitely qualified for the 2nd featured song. Sg composers r good. = )

Anonymous said...

hey kewei! shang jia here (ronnie's gf) add me on msn?

Anonymous said...

nicholas... this song is by fang da tong, if u know how to read... *pengz*

Sean Ho said...

Hi Kewei!

Sean Ho here. I have already posted your home performance on 苏丽珍 on my blog at

I really like the relaxed way you sang the song and do send my compliments to Ein Ein, who played very well too.

Feel free to leave a msg on my tagboard ba. Take care and see you around!

"Music clears the mind, fills the heart, moves the soul."

Weelun said...

beautiful voice, beautiful face,
what more can i say?
haha i think ur version of ai ai ai is better, just a personal comment=p

K said...

thanks sean for reviewing us! :) there'll defnitely be more vids to come!

and thanks weilun ;p

生活小記 said...

what a wonderful voice!
I wish I can enjoy more songs you sing^O^

Anonymous said...

i wanna grow up and be like you!! hahas .. i dont attend singing lessons but i love singing!

Anonymous said...

Cant stop listening your song since yesterday I found your blog. I was initially amazed by your song in youtube and start keep looking for anything possible link which able to connected to you. Luckily i got you here. :) May I know the name of the girl who sit beside you that playing the piano? Nice presentation by both of you. Keep up the good work.

From CK


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