Monday, December 31, 2007

the year draws to a close

and it feels strange, doesn't it?

i don't know if everyone is tired from partying over xmas,
or retaining the party mode for the new year.

the idea of resolutions seem almost obsolete at this point in my life now,
but my 2 month break from touring starts now,
coinciding with the New Year.

so i plan ahead and wish that Yours Truly would flourish as a business,
because i will work hard on it, and my hard work will pay off.

i also wish that i would be able to dig deep enough inside of myself,
to write songs that really mean something to me,
and to say things that i feel are worth saying;
instead of writing just for the sake of wanting to sell a song.

singing at Oosh and Wala Wala,
I always want to work on expanding my repertoire,
to put on a good show and
to wow new audiences that have never known me.

in music, in freelancing,
you can only cross your fingers,
and hope that what you do will pay off in the end.
that, and of course lucky breaks that always come when i least expect it!

Cheers to a New Year!
Have a rockin' party :)

amei's taipei concerts over xmas had me maxed out on my party potential...
i don't really want to blog them in separate entries,
so wait out for a loooong entry with tons of pix!


Bruce FY said...

Very nice voice and music. Keep up, girl. You'll get to your dream!

kang yong said...

Happy New Year 2008! I wish you have better achievement compare to 2007! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

kewei!! happy new year!!!! jia you wor!!

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone :) happy new year to all!


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