Thursday, January 3, 2008

22-231207 Amei Concert in Taipei

packing for 7 days is no joke.

i've been used to the usual 4-days away itinerary,
so trying to coordinate 7 days (while guessing at the weather)
worth of casual tops,dressy tops, comfy pants for the plane, normal pants for the cold weather, shorts, stockings to match my shorts (i brought 4 pairs of different colours in the end), scarves, shoes etc
was nothing short of confusing.

halfway through packing (in 3 hrs time i had to be at the airport -_-")
i discovered this.


a heart-shaped blueblack!!!
i am soooo amused.

zip to transit at KL to Taipei.
plane tickets were crazy booked for the festive season
so we couldn't take a direct flight to Taipei.

zip to Taipei.

we always stay at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel
since it's across the street from Taipei Arena, where the concerts are held.

Next to the Hotel is a shopping complex,
there is a foodcourt at the basement with the BBEEESSSTTTT shabu shabu in the world.

My #1 comfort food after a long day of travel :)
Even the waitresses recognise me and David Tan already!!! OMG.

okay, i was too busy eating and
bathing in thin slices of beef and fresh fish bliss,
so i didn't take any photos.

zip to rehearsals

casey bassy!

i'm not a coffee drinker,
but there are always lattes hanging around at rehearsals.

i was in need of a warm drink,
and relaxing with a gaily-coloured warm drink, to Amei's singing,
is one of the best treats in life.

lunch the next day
roasted chicken wings, spaghetti, corn soup. mm deliciouuuus.

strawberry milk tea!
not just milk, but milk tea!
i love it.

@ the venue:
(p.s. there were several additions to stage props customised for the arena,
since the outdoor stadium in Shanghai was too huge,
and the show in Singapore was on a 4-sided stage.)

this ginormous A that is kept snugly cross the ceiling

meets the audience while they await Amei!

Once the concert starts,
the A slowly rises back into the ceiling
in an A-for-freaking-Awesome fashion.

Jim figures out chords for Amei's sing&strum session

so i twiddle my toes

a very long rehearsal ends, and we seek comfort food :)
shabu shabu in tomato soup!!!

i love edameme beans.
do you fancy some 猪血糕?
gross to me.

1st Day of concert!


曹格 as guest artiste :)

right at the finale, this royal gold curtain descends in front of the stage...
only to fall when amei reappears for the encore :)

a little video to whet your tastebuds.

this show was gonna be recorded for DVD release,
so we were all rather jittery.

but, it had been a while since the last concert,
and ... I still cry at the same lines...

2nd Day of Concert!

萧敬腾 as special guest :)

@ rehearsal

david takes over cymbal rolls for 一眼瞬间 haha!

at the grand piano, during concert

height of our score stands = level of commitment to singing accurately.

hypothesis will be proven when live concert tracks are released.

relak one corner

camwhore for a bit

i love shots when the fill lights illuminate everyone.
every night was just party party party...

did i mention... our makeup artists were from MAC!
who released a special edition of shades for Amei!
I was a happy girl :)

I found this on the net while surfing for Amei MAC stuff,
*girly squeal of delight*
it shows all the face-colour charts of Amei
which were designed by the makeup artists for her MVs :)

my cutesy hairstylist duo!

hair and makeup for 1st and 2nd day :)
my makeup was quite different.

1st day:


2nd day: more smoky eyes :)


Weiwei, designer for the band's costumes came by!
she was the one i mentioned who brought me shopping at 忠孝东区 for my crazy thigh-high boots :)

3rd Day of Concert - XmasEve!!!~*
i'll... leave that for the next entry :)
too many pics la!


sHin said...

wa so many pics. COOOOOOOOLLL!!

Anonymous said...

ur bruise was so unique
you must have enjoy loads during the concert
envy +++
singing is just the best hobby n interest

Anonymous said...

hi Kewei

Of the 3 A-mei gigs so far in Shanghai, Spore and Taipei that you have blogged here, which one would you rate as your favourite? do you feel jaded going thru a similar routine at every concert stop? where/when will the next concerts be held? what is A-mei like in person?

by the way, i like the tribal design of A-mei's MAC collection! will check it out :)

Anonymous said...


Nice writeup and fotos!

Is the live vcd/dvd recording based only on the first Taipei concert? I can't wait for their release.. hopefully very soon. Amei cried buckets on that night :p She is a great, great, great singer and sexy and hawt to boot!

I wish you well in your singing career.

Anonymous said...

hi hi Kewei
woo~~ they were really amazing nights!! I went all of them so that I couldn't back to the reality even now!! can't wait to see the DVD la~~
Also, look forward to seeing more pics& secrets behind the scene!! ha ha~~ :p
Thx for giving us so unforgetable nights~~~ LOVE AMEI ^*^
BTW, ur voice is so beautiful,especially when u sing
你是我的姐妹...你是我的baby~~ :)

Anonymous said...

wenya, yup isn't it ridiculous haha... ya im lucky to be singing fulltime :) there are ups and downs but i'm surviving!

ming, i tried to answer your questions but ended up having so much to say, i think i'll just blog them in my next entry! haha!
and yeah, the tribal design is cool huh!

to anon: the footage of the DVD should be from all 3 shows combined, that's the usual practice :) i can't wait for the release too!!! thanks for your well wishes :)

to barbie loves mei, thanks for your compliments! haha i always get quite stressed singing my solo line because i'm the 1st one to sing! haha! so you're one of those who go for all 3 nights!!! wasn't it a great party!!

Anonymous said...

I think A*mei should switch the order and make Kheng Long sing Jie Mei first.. make him more stressed lah.. and reduce your stress.. wahaha.

A*mei is an example of how unfair the world can be - than a human can sing & perform & entertain so immaculately. Long live A*mei!!!

Oh if you were wondering why there's a sudden spike in your blog readership, it's becos someone has posted your blog link at A*mei's EMI forum

Much thanks for sharing your concert experience!

Anonymous said...

I attended the concert on 22 dec. During the early part of the concert, I saw a few ushers trying to get the standing fans at the front to sit down because they were blocking the folks behind them. It was all in vain of course. C'mon, this is an a-mei concert!

Anonymous said...

to james, yes! my blog readership doubled in one day! but then fell back again haha...

good that amei fans are reading this! im very very happy to share :)

eh... where are all the JJ and David Tao fans!! haha

and to kat, yah u saw the picture of the crowd all on their feet? it's a rockin party allll night!

Anonymous said...

hi kewei,ur life is v. colourful...i wanted 2 b like u whn i grow up...keke...i'm ur fan in fs...


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