Friday, April 25, 2008

jazz by the beach

how lovely :)

join me for a night of pop-jazz
by the sea, under the stars...

this is the final instalment of Sentosa's Jazz By The Beach
on the last Saturday of April,
Kewei on vox/erhu(?!)
Daniel Purnomo on guitar
Benedict Yan on keys
Jonathan Lim on sax
Rahman on percussion
and a special guest violinist Dennis Lau from KL!

Time: 630pm-10pm (3 sets of 45 mins)
Venue: Cool Deck @ Siloso Beach
RSVP to this event on facebook :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Kewei,

yup, i have already RSVP. m going, see ya!! -- cookie monster

Evonne said...

heya kewei :D

nice singing yesterday =D
i will try to go this coming sat :D if i free :P hahahahaha

take care ok! =)

x[t] said...

hey kewei :)
sorry leh, unable to go to the sentosa event tomorrow! really very sorry =)

do take care and jiayou for tomorrow! ! drink more water and don't skip meals too..hehehe!!

really v v v sorry that can't go tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

hello kewei,

good performance, hitting the high notes without the goosebumps. u look good in tat sundress & killer black strappy heels. too bad i had to leave soon (feeling unwell)..cookie monster.

x[t] said...

sad leh! actually i intended to go in sentosa at 6pm to pass you stuffs jiu went for mayday's concert one, but can't rushed! haiz! really very sorry that i can't be there today :(
do take care!

Eriol said...

yo. so lucky to see u at sentosa last night. jus happen to be ard. ^-^

here are 2 of the videos i filmed.
[more to come]

x[t] said...

hey kewei! pls turn in early la!
dun always so late sleep, not good for your health. rest early too :)
busy is busy, health also need to take care la..hehehe!

MF said...

hi Kewei, great job on last sat, enjoyed your singing, and I wonder what's the title of that spanish song you sang?

x[t] said...

hello kewei!
nice music yesterday at iL Lido! :)

dun tired yourself okay, try to get more rest as much as possible.

performing is performing, health also must take good care okay.

kewei said...

thanks evonne and minghui for coming! and that huge poster of course :)

thanks cookiemonster :)i love my dress! hahaha

xueting, it's ok! hope u enjoyed your concert :)

thanks eriol for your vids. they are perfecto :)

to mf, the song is called Quizas Quizas Quizas. :)


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