Friday, May 2, 2008

the stars are filming us for no one

... my favourite line from carol ann duffy's poem :)


it was an awesome experience.


we played thru the sunset...

Kewei and Friends, ie.
my buddy Daniel Purnomo on guitar,
the doctor Benedict on keys (1st time working together!)
Rahman on percussion (we used to play together as a fusion trio in Sentosa!)
Mr Nice Guy Jonathan Lim on sax/flute
and newfound friend Dennis "Leehom" Lau on the electric violin (all the way from KL!)

Loving You :)

erhu and violin duet :)

a very spontaneous duet jamming - Besame Mucho

i took a picture of my audience!
"hold up your drinks, cheeeeerss!"




dennis took most of the pix, so he is in most of them. HA!

with dennis and tat tong, arranger-producer-studio-freakkkmaster ;P

the truth is, somewhere up there in the heavens,
our stars were aligned,
and fate brought the 3 of us together last week
and we spent most days hanging out,
united by the love for music,
and admiration for each other.
(ok, maybe just my admiration for them...)

expect something from this trio very soon :D
collaboration in the making!

and dennis... he came all the way from KL,
to record his very own song...


with me!


His self-penned pop-soul-funk "Walk With You",
solo turned duet :)


we cooped up in the studio for 2 afternoons,
with our sound engineer Desmond from Loop System
and my shifu/big brother David Tan as producer!


Loop System is the coooooooolest studio. Ever.
It is chock full with equipment, well-organised,
neat, impressively detailed, and complete
with a stunning display of starwars/godzilla/ultraman/etc collectibles
and 4 cats.

the boyz.

post-recording celebration dinner!
on the rightmost is eric from taiwan,
whose stars collided with ours as well :)

eric is joanna wong 王若琳's guitarist,
who was here in town for some publicity/live shows.

he joined us in a week of outings to Oosh, BluJaz Cafe,
Harry's @ Holland V, Sentosa, what not...

i had a terribly fulfilling week, absolutely maxed out on great music-making!


Anonymous said...

wow! so many music talented ppls!
waiting for ur own EP launch! I really admire the way you go for ur dream! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

haha! ! you releasing your EP? Looking forward to your EP, hee hee :)

A quote: Work hard for it and you will get there! =D

Anonymous said...

Hey Kewei!
Great to see you're so active and passionate about pursuing your love for music and performing! I really admire that=). It's wonderful that you get to work with so many talented ppl in the industry.

Oh and as always, great job for David's recent SG show! Haha!=P Hope to catch you 'live' at your future shows.

Shu Ying

Anonymous said...

loving you is a nice song... you should listen to 張靚穎, Jane Zhang's singing...


jianglong said...

anyway 加油


alexisce said...

you sing really well. hope to own ur album one day.

Anonymous said...

jonathan lim? was he from swiss cottage sec?


K said...

michelle, xt, shuying, chua, thanks!

to anon: haha! that is sooo how it shld be sung. give me a while to perfect my whistle :)

thank you jianglong! you are from?

to J, yep he was from swiss cottage! :)


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