Thursday, June 5, 2008

hello china!

i stumbled upon random photos i've never seen before,
of David Tao's concerts.

they all look so cute!!!
based on my hair (since everything else is exactly the same)
i think this was in Guangzhou.

i don't think i can grin any bigger than this already.

neither can david...

what in the world would warrant such a pose???

oooh. niiiccceee.

some parts of china can't access blogspot,
but they are friendly with Friendster!
and some DT fans have connected with me through Friendster... nice!

they are sooo encouraging,
passing me links of forums about myself :)
thank you people from!


Anonymous said...


Please take good care of yourself.
perform is perform, busy also busy till so late. . you are human, not robot. . . remember to see a doc and eat medicine, rest well . .
dun tired yourself okay. . .
health is more important =D
drink plenty of warm water and eat some light meals like porridge. .

take care okay. . !

Anonymous said...

Take care, rest well. =]

& "Please Don't Tell Her" is really nice. I listen to that song almost everyday =] Trying to learn the tabs now.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is also encourging to me too! coz Im really inspired by your music passion and hard-working! I should say thanks!

All the best in your gigs! hope to enjoy u and ur band's live show someday when I travel singapore!


Anonymous said...

hihi.. kewei~
你写的很棒... 重点是- 你很漂亮哦!^^
嘻嘻^^ 很喜欢你唱方大同的『苏丽珍』,还有Kelly的『有些爱』... 很好听!所以你要继续加油哦! 前几天看了台湾的『超级星光大道』,Sugie被淘汰了,你知道了吗?还蛮难过的~因为我也蛮喜欢他,他很可爱^^ 哈哈~ 没想到他怎么厉害,跟另一个美国的参赛者,柔柔谈了恋爱... 另一个新加坡的参赛者,黄靖伦也很棒! KEWEI, 你也超级超级棒的!新加坡的歌手要加油哦!


K said...

thanks xt for always taking care of me :)

fan! i love that song too. im soooo gonna learn it for wala :)

dear michelle, hope to see you soon!

M'sia的洁敏, thanks for your support to sugie!!! and to myself of course!
hope to see you during my KL gig!


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