Wednesday, June 11, 2008

random updates!

our dear chanel specially wrote a song for the Sichuan earthquake disaster,
and the live performance was a resounding success!

It was sung by Chanel and the rest of our talented ZPGY
at a charity concert this past weekend at EZ50,
organised by Surin from Resonance Studios :)

Yes, ZPGY, all 20+ of us,
got into a studio and recorded our very own version of the song!

Featuring a stellar cast of Chanel Pang, Dawn Wong, Alfred Sim, Tay Kewei, Ginny Lin, Edmund Cheh, Donnie Cheh, Lee Ein Ein, Kitty Tan, Juliana Poh, YC, XiaoB, Ah Gong, Biqin, Madeline Tan, Josh Bryan Ho, Ruth Chua, Derrick Tia, Wilman Lau, Mark Shi and many more :)

I had to miss out on the performance,
due to Joseph and Adeline's wedding :)

Nevertheless it was a good one with my super team!
smart black jackets and a bridesmaid wannabe :)

this was from James and Cheryl's wedding,
courtesy of Alex from Depixel. :)
love it!

random pic with kitty darling

an old friend popped by wala randomly with a photographer friend :)
thanks johnny for the pic!

performed at the Singapore Flyer at a Lufthansa Airlines event,
it was an awesome experience!

we opened with songs like Come Fly With me, Fly Me To The Moon,
Leaving on a Jetplane... you get the picture :p

with Nic Osman, Daniel Purnomo and Jonathan Ang

and Dennis once again!
Our erhu-violin duet is a force to be reckoned with ;P

i love the Greek Theatre at the Singapore Flyer,
reminds me of the dearly missed Esplanade Waterfront...

i don't miss the soundchecks under the sweltering heat though...

in theme with FLYING,
2 ex-Cirque du Soleil artistes flew in from LA
for a mindblowing aerial ballet stunt act








more upcoming gigs soon,
at Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore, and
Bangkok Jazz @ Chulan Square, Kuala Lumpur! :D


Anonymous said...


gt 1 pix of urs , ur hair v messy. . LOL! :p

SuperHappyGirl said...

HEY!! OMG!! *gush gush* love your DRESSES!!!

you look great babe~

Anonymous said...

hey kewei! not sure if you already know this lady but if u're free do listen to her shih yingying from tw... and she's got a lovely voice and great pronounciation to learn from. don't get me wrong, i think u're great. in fact u've got one of the loveeeeeeeliest voices in singapore just that i think that articulation of words is very important, and some of your words are less clear eg those with "sh" sounds.. hope u'll enjoy yingying's voice too! =D

Anonymous said...

I feel so touched by many peoples r writing songs for Sichuan earthquake to express love and caring :)

By the way, I really LOVE your dress at the wedding gig!!!


Winnie 何芸妮 said...

Hey Ke Wei,
I am Winnie, in fact I am Ein Ein's old friend.
It's glad to know tht u gals r coming to Bangkok Jazz for gig. Will catup up with u gals there in end of the month.
See ya :)
Feel free to check out my blog:
We're launching the first pop audiophile chinese album in msia. Have a trial listen and pls give us some comment.
Thanks :)

Winnie xxx

Jing Rui said...

u look good !

invite everyone to my blog as well haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei!
U look gorgeous in those dresses. Can i asked where did you bought them? :D
Oh btw, you & dennis look so compatible! XD

Anonymous said...

superhappygirl!!! thanks thanks! u know now i only shop for dressy dresses for gigs.... lol

hi anon, thanks for the yingying clip :) ehhh i don't really like her voice hahaha

thanks michelle!
wld post chanel's song here once it's properly done, mixed etc!

omg its winnie!!!!! everyone go to winnie's blog and check out her stuff!!! i've heard soooo much about her from einein.. her stuff is AWESOME.
i am so excited about meeting youuuu!!!!!!!!!!

hi encore! mm i got my cream bridesmaid dress from warehouse, and my black one from Mu, @ Heeren :)

Anonymous said...

nice dress u hav!

Anonymous said...

how much u brought it for that black dress?

Anonymous said...

hello kewei! i havent seen you for God knows how long! haha! miss going to your gigs! keep rocking, you pretty lady!

Anonymous said...

Kewei, jiayou for ur dreams!
I like the way u styled ur hair, did u do it urself?
Keep us posted of the gig@ the esplanade, I'll bring my friends along!

Anonymous said...

my black dress is.. i think less than $100.

yes mr jiunlin i have been asking alfredo about you. i havent seen you for ages. i miss you and your cooking.. haha. where are you!

anne.. my hair is just .. stick bobby pins at the back to keep half of it up! very uncreative la. i do the same thing everytime.
yes will definitely blog abt esplanade event soon.
check facebook!

Anonymous said...

HEY kewei!
sick le hor, always don't take care of yourself. . drink more water okay!
try to get more rest :)

cya soon! =D

Anonymous said...

is that jonathan ang? he is such a slut- what do you call a male form of slut!! spoils your image standing next to him!!

kewei, how do you look so good without make up???
you and alfredo are more compatitble then dennis lor

K said...

who is this outrageous kk??

Unknown said...

HAHA.. Outrageous KK~
Bad bad~

But i think she/he is a friend of urs kewei..

Actually WE agree the part on Dennis too..we feel uneasy(taoyan) looking at the pics of u both..

Take note its 'we'.. not only 'I'.:p


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