Saturday, June 28, 2008

advertlets bloggers live in concert yo :)

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thank you advertlets for the little bulletin!

the past 3 days in KL has been nothing but traumatising.
on the way to KL i felt my throat drying up
and the next day I woke up with such a major sore throat i was FROG-MAN.

imagine a cross between a croak and a manly voice, that is.

i religiously lived by the hour to Klinik Kok's strongest antibiotic
and slept in the entire day, even skipping my first rehearsals with the KL band,
and had soupy noodles for every meal since.

The next day I went for rehearsals but coughed nonstop everytime I tried to talk/sing.

Of course my fellow advertlet blogger Dennis had to endure my constant hunger pangs, diva princess attitudes of being too cold, need a jacket, need water, need lozenges etc...

but he nursed me back to health! :)

We just came back from our 1st showcase at Bangkok Jazz and it was a success!
My throat was numb from all my red difflam lozenges, my nose was kinda blocked,
but i did ok!

Dennis was da bomb as usual!

Can't believe it's 6am now.
Gonna crash and wake for our 2nd and FINAL show tmr!
If you're in KL, come by to Bangkok Jazz!
Show starts at 10pm tmr!



Anonymous said...

hey kewei~!

wow~!! sick still stay up till so late..please get a good rest kk..
sing is sing, but health also important~! please try to drink more warm water, and dun wan eat those heaty foods la. . eat some light food.

i feel flying to KL today but. . .

take care! jiayou for tonight's peformances! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kewei!

Im sure its a good show again!!!

Please take care of your health!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do take care. Had no time to go over to KL but enjoyed the Lunch Box Concert especially the last song.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi do u learn singing? ur voice is nice~

hope u do reply =)

take care!


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