Saturday, July 5, 2008

alive not dead

spotlight on :)

thanks to the awesome people from HK!

to those not in the know,
it's like MySpace, for asians.

this week particularly, i'm a little half dead actually.

for 3 consecutive days, i had Amei concert rehearsals.
Amei wasn't here, so I had to sing all her lead parts for rehearsals -
including 4 high energy medleys (namely - opening, rock, hip-hop, crazy party ending)
and belted countless ballads.
(actually i just whispered and wheezed through them,
trying not to thrash my voice completely.)

after which i had to rush down to an event -
Magnum icecream launch @ Barfly.
Theme: Sexy Naughty :)
Yummy! I thought it was gonna be balloons and magicians,
but Eva Longoria is the new spokesperson.

she is desperately HOT.
the tagline:
Drooling is permitted. Dripping is not.

after which, rush to Harry's @ Holland V for 3 sets.

The next day, repeat Amei rehearsal,
rush to event -
Milus Timepiece Launch for Visa Infinite cardmembers.
Awesome customised timepieces starting from $80,000. :)

This Milus ladies Merea TriRetro Seconds Skeleton watch features an 18k red gold case, white and gold skeleton dial, and a white alligator strap


Rose-gold, yes please...

I can stare at this watch for hours...

like literally, you know, for the time...

after which, rush to Indochine for another 3 sets...

long awaited weekend break!!!!!!!!!
i haven't stopped singing/recovered,
since my Esplande Lunchbox and Bangkok Jazz showcases...

PS. i used to really like the white Suzuki Swift.
screw that, i've found my new dream car.

Matte Black Nissan GTR.
Parked in front of the hotel, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.





Anonymous said...

ahmei's concert @ ? when was that?

hmm...take care :)
dun tired urself. .

Anonymous said...

Hi, is ah mei concert confirm coming to sg end of the year? The sale of tics are not out yet rite???

Ah Mei's fan :)

K said...

xt, amei REHEARSAL...

hey anon, amei should be coming back to sg on Oct 4! for her encore concert *grin*

Anonymous said...

realli? when is the tickets going to be on sale? anyone noe? =)

Anonymous said...

Wah!!! Realli!!! That's great, cannot wait for the sales of tics to be out, i went for her concert last yeaR....It was great...This time i will buy the seats that r nearer to the stage..YEAH!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, bz schedule..
take care of urself..
see tt u r still coughin last thurs nite..

Anonymous said...


reminded! hahahahahahaha=)

pass me 3 CD can le!!!i just need 3 at the moment!!!!! =DDD if i cannot go tmr, i will ask xt to pass to you :) izzit alright for you ?hahahahaaha

take care o! =)


Anonymous said...

hi kewei
can you reveal a-mei's concert schedule for this year?
i read the nxt stop is usa. r u heading there as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi kewei,

Is A*Mei concert going to be the same as last year? I bought Tickets already....Its going to be a Crazy night again hehe...See u there...

Anonymous said...

having lessons in sch now..lolz..!
just happened browse at sistic website..

then knew dat ahmei's concert at fast!~ i can only buy tix in middle of august, hope not so fast sold out bahx..HAIZ..

P.S: hahaha.. 2 days after oct4 is my birthday...lolz! =D

anyw, u dunhve performing in wala wala 2dae? :)

take care~! you still having sore throat...drink more warm water~!
get more rest! work is work, health also important la :)

live band for all occasions said...

hi pk!
yes the band is currently in USA now, but i'm not involved as they don't have the budget for the full band. :)
as and when amei concerts are confirmed i would update them on my show schedule :)

yes, amei's singapore concert gonna be on Oct4, tix on sale already i think :)


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