Tuesday, July 1, 2008


my ZPGY aka 猪朋狗友 ... are my best friends :)


there is too much to be said.
there is such a strong emotional core among us,
it can only grow stronger.

how did we get to know each other?
through music, through a common sense of humour.

this group... it grows, and is still growing.


there is too much to be said,
maybe pictures illustrate better.

we came together again, this time for something larger then ourselves.
we got together in a song - a song of gratitude,
in honour of everyone who have helped the Sichuan earthquake victims,
in one way or another.

it is this synergy of team effort
that catapults us to places we never dreamed we could go, alone.

this song means alot to us,
we share much love among ourselves,
and would love to extend it beyond just ZPGY.

謝謝你, 就是你 - 獻給所有四川大地震賑災的英雄

Written by Chanel,
arranged by Ein, with the help of Mark, Jinsei, Mad, Juan etc.
Recorded at Stereoimage Productions
MV edited by Kiss Interactive

Do help spread the link!
謝謝你, 就是你 ^_^

much love,


Anonymous said...

hello~! just want to say take care yah! :) try not to eat heaty foods cos will make your sore throat worse.

anyw, good friends are hard to come by, they are the one who cares and concerns, been thru all types of stuffs together.

K i t t y said...

omg!!! u did all the collage????????

viagra online said...

Great photos thanks for sharing, are they are very good friends. Thanks


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