Thursday, July 24, 2008

events galore

thrilled to be part of the launch of the
Omega - Official Timekeeper for Olympics Exhibition at Paragon :)

chinois getup in honour of Beijing!

the event was graced by the likes of Ivy Lee, Kym Ng, Felicia Chin etc
and right after the chinese drums solo
Dennis and I opened the show with our erhu-violin duet!

We performed the original piece written by Bass Maestro Ken Chung from KL,
a piece entitled "Son of A Chinese".

I love this song!
It will be in Dennis Lau's album :)

my recent trip to KL involved intensive recording sessions for
"Son of A Chinese" :)

Dennis - erhu producer

Joe - sound engineer

Dennis wrote a charity song for Independent Pet Rescuers in Malaysia,
and myself + Joe penned the lyrics for this song called Kindness :)
This song will involve several singers from KL,
and I recorded some parts as well :)

I also met Pete Teo,
a fascinating singer-songwriter from KL who is making it big in Korea! :D
Love his style, do check out his music!

Anyway back to the show!

we had an awesome time, thanks to shirley and jasmine!

with music buddies, the usual suspects ;P

matrimonial moments ;P

chief photographer Willy from LiveStudios,
which makes every event so memorable!

Of course we had to max out on camwhoring with LiveStudios around :p

With David from LiveStudios as well :)

just had to...


also performed for Magnum's latest icecream launch,
I am Eva and I can't resist Magnum.....

was also part of the Andrew Lum's New Asia band
featuring a stellar cast of
Jessica on sanxian
Colin on bass/Chinese flute
Joe on percussion
Zubir on gambus
Andrew on guitar

which opened for Singapore International Water Week,
@ the forum for international delegates.
VVVIPs included Lee Hsien Loong, Teo Chee Hian, etc!

right before show :)

during rehearsal :)

oh, and singfest, are you going?
i am soooooo psyched about the 3 August show!
Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, Stacie Orrico, PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!! HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Hi kewei~! may I know where you got your super nice cheena cheongsum from in this entry? it's really gorgeous!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

Got your blog add from advertlets. Great voice, great personality and good blog. Your version of Bleeding Love is good. I'm a musician myself (drums). I'll be performing at a live gig next weekend in KL. Too bad you're in Singapore, otherwise would love to invite you watch me perform. Keep up the good work. Cheers and God bless...

jianglong said...


live band for all occasions said...

hey liz, i got it from a random shop at far east plaza really really long ago!

hi calvin, hello! gd to meet you.. actually i'll be in kl frm 29-31jul, where is ur gig? :)

thanks jianglong :p

Calvin Soo KJ said...

sorry date was wrong. the week after next....sigh! getting old now. my band'll be performing in planet hollywood. just a 1/2 hour entry performance, for publicity and exposure. but we're playing for free.....

Matt Zach said...

hey awesome blog you have here man.
looking good on that chinese instrument :)


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