Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i miss school productions

I caught the 1st half of Impresario,
and spent the 2nd half backstage hanging out with RazzlePlay and Yet Ye Dunhong :)

they are great fun!

I would next be performing with them at the Singapore Entertainment Awards
this coming Saturday, at the Preshow! :p

We would be singing a medley of old-school stuff everyone is familiar with - that would be interesting :)

NTU Auditorium backstage was exactly the same as it was 5 years ago
when I joined Impresario 2004,
brimming with laughter, excitement, stress, packed food, makeup artists and hairstylists,
dancers, singers, musicians,
taking photos,
warming up,
playing stupid group games.

i miss school productions.

The next day I was the guest performer for NTU Hall 6's Cultural Night at the Esplanade Recital Studio,
together with Ein Ein on keyboard (my music buddy since NTU days!!!)
and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As with Impresario,
the production committee, the audience, the contestants,
everyone is here for a good time,
everyone puts in their best for the show,
many times the sincerity and effort is even more than a commercial production.

welcome to the real world! ARGH!

Shoutout to Steven, Peiwen, Yuan Rong, Samantha, Yu Ting and many others who have been kind to me at Impresario :)
Also Jingjing and Jimmy for taking care of me at the NTU Hall 6 production! :)

Thank you to Steven Da Dai Lou of Impresario 2009,
and for this gift! :D

I sang a song that meant the world to me at Impresario -
more on that in a bit :)



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