Friday, February 27, 2009

Impresario Finals

I was one of the judges at the Impresario Semi-finals,
and the contestants were EXCELLENT.
i enjoyed the process tremendously :)

I would say,
most people can make a good judge.

After all, we sit in the comforts of our own home,
my sister and I,
shooting biased, judgemental, cruel comments across the sofa
at American Idol-esque shows,
and also professing sincere declarations of love and admiration for those who shine.

There are some people, who simply win the world over.
It's not that hard to judge that.

I hate to be a judge though.
or even, to JUDGE anyone according to any fixed standard.
Everyone has so much potential.
Many times, someone is ousted from a competition simply because some little thing went wrong in the situation
- they chose the wrong song
- they were a little too nervous
- someone else was a little better

Singing, performing, is more a style,
about finding a comfortable niche that suits you best,
and to be so confident in your own skin that you make everyone love you and your performance.

So what if you don't win?

I'm speaking for myself. Hurhur.
I never won any solo singing competitions.

But that doesn't mean you can't work hard at trying to win over the world.


Check here for more details on the Grand Finals this Saturday :)



it was a warm afternoon and i happily dressed for the occasion :)


Anonymous said...

will u sing for a mei star tour in Malaysia on 20th March?

Anonymous said...

nice outfit u wear! by the way , do u always sun-bathing to keep tanned?

Anonymous said...

you have very nice legs! do you work out often and how?

Anonymous said...

ehh kewei, you going to Singapore Entertainment Awards 09 Pre-show as a performer or just go there to see?
anyways, your schedule put 7am =.=

Anonymous said...

yep anon, check my show schedule :)

michelle, i love sunbathing! but it takes up too much time :p

thanks for the legs feature, it's an illusion. im just toooo skinny...
and i don't work out :p


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