Sunday, June 19, 2011

Music Man ~ the end of an era

The end of Leehom's tour is definitely an end to an era for me.

These 2.5 years of touring most cities I've never been to,

the international friendships made,

the gourmet cuisine,

the fast food take outs,

the adrenaline-pumping performances,

the 40000strong crowd singalongs,

the airplane-transit-coach routines,

the rockin parties in leehom's sprawling suites,

the celebration dinners,

am missing very much now as i go through the photos.....


Winter Breeze said...

congrats dai jei! you are awesome!!!

Plastic Storage Bins said...

congratulations. It appears that you have had some amazing experiences over the past couple of years. I'm happy you got to experience everything you wanted to.

good luck on wherever the rest of your travels take you!

Plastic Storage Bins said...

Also, i forgot to mention, those crowds you were performing in front of are enormous. that is awesome...

Unknown said...

Hi Kewei, got to know you in 2009 through your engagement in Music Man concerts and thanks for all the great moments you helped give to all of us here. No other sites cover the tour as comprehensive as you have. :-)

Is Guangzhou really the last tour? And he's not stopped at HK this time? And even the postponed Shenzhen leg would not be replaced?

Hope to get a confirmation. Thanks Kewei.


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