Friday, January 2, 2009

弦外之音 - 梁文音

This sweet little lass is born from 超级星光大道,
and I know Chin Hwee is a big fan!

Her new album includes this song 弦外之音
written by Taz 陈台证,
Singaporean songwriter-arranger-producer making waves in Hong Kong :)

This is the demo version of the song that I sang, VERY LONG ago...
i think more than a year or 2...

I realised recently that the concept of a DEMO is not very apparent to some listeners -
the flow of the songwriting process is this ->

1. songwriter writes a song

2. he arranges the music for it, either with keyboard, guitar, sound effects etc

3. he finds someone to sing it

4. he takes the recorded DEMO and hands it to publishing houses, who then passes it on to record labels who are collecting songs for their singers

5. the DEMO gets picked by, say, 梁文音's company, so they usually rearrange the music, and then 梁文音records it for the album.

there you go :)

Happy song for the NEW YEAR!


Anonymous said...

shouldn't it be 梁文音?

Anonymous said...

nice song :D


Anonymous said...


shes really quite good .. and cute la.. haha

Ying said...

nice song and nice voice :)

Anonymous said...

Yup it should be 梁文音 ar hahaha.
Btw she was in 海角七号 movie too.....lover of the japanese guy in the letters.....she sung a song at the movie ending credits too.
風光明媚 is the name of the song.....its really nice but it wasn't in her new solo album tho :(

Anonymous said...

Cool....someone uploaded the song on's the link...

would be nice to hear you sing the song ar Kewei and upload onto youtube yup hehehe :P

Anonymous said...

beautifully sung...i really like it
you need to debut soon!
i'm tired of hearing singers you're way better than land contracts -.-

btw how did you like khalil's new album?

BearBrickER said...

hey Kewei is it fine with you if you can post the lyrics for the demo up? i need it for a lesson training on vocals at OB. Thanks a million!

Unknown said...

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