Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100109 Leehom Concert in Macau

This is my 2nd visit to Macau :)
The first was with David Tao when he did a show for the hotel Ponte 16...
it was last Feb and I haven't even blogged about it...
... more on that the next entry!

We took a ferry from Hong Kong,
and I sat right at the side, next to the rain-speckled windows and the dark sea,
soaking in an imaginary romantic solitude.

But it rocked so badly I shifted to the middle of the ferry
and tried very hard to sleep and not puke.

I wasn't too excited about the Venetian, since I've been to the one in Vegas.
Not a fan of casinos, gambling,
glitzy decor, expensive dining and high-end shops oozing of nothing but money.


there is a stark difference seeing the authentic paintings and architecture in Europe,
and seeing these in a man-made entertainment centre that saw no daylight.

this is FAKE.

this was interesting for about 10 seconds,
but to think they would even think about manufacturing blue skies and daylight.

steeped in the lure of chance, and luck

The only time I felt trigger happy was when I saw the ruins of St Paul, the Ruínas de São Paulo,
and it was a bright sunny day with azure skies.

we had to traverse up a slope
lined with famous Macanese foodstuffs on both sides.

We bought our loot from 大三巴,钜记... they all sell the same things.
I still can't figure out which shop sells what best.

Despite Alfred's persistent reminders to try Portugese egg tarts,
I stood in front of the metal oven at 钜记 filled with egg tarts,
and thought about buying some for him.

I decided that they won't be as good upon arrival, and I had no appetite,
so I passed.

He finds it such a transgression and demanded I write this in my blog.

through the thronging tourists I see something that makes me happier

old people sit and gaze, and eat.

finally, something real for a change

i am not a deep appreciator of artifacts and history,
but I did take 'S' ( for Special) History in A levels and scored a Merit.

For the record, only 11 or so students took 'S' History in the whole of Singapore that year,
and about half scored an Unclassified.
'S' History was almost an abstract art form, we wrote page-long essays based on the question What is history? for starters.

Having said that, I scored a C for History in A levels, so my Merit in S History is officially a laughable irony.

Back to the Ruínas de São Paulo,
I only know it was destroyed in a fire leaving nothing but the front facade.
And moved on like any mindless tourist.

Up the stairs.

looking down at Lisa!

You can already guess I'm not a fan of Macau,
but we did have some good HK food, and I did find some good Portugese food :)

And the Cotai Arena at Venetian did surprise me.

It was a big arena,
it could sit 6000 more people than the Singapore Indoor Stadium,
and I snuck some photos of a crew member of these gorgeous screens.



Leehom wasn't in tiptop condition,
and I felt a lot of pain for him as he tried to give his best for the show, but couldn't.

There were more changes to this show -
for the last 2 songs before the encore he appeared from the right end of the venue
and sang in the middle of the audience!

It was such a treat for those who sat farthest from the stage.
I loved it.

A random pic from the show that I was tagged in :)
Leehom tried several stunts - jumping onto the grand piano,
and rolling across it, all in delirious fashion :)

Before checking out the next day
I had a brief moment of sun and solitude in my excessively large room.


the 4 large cushions on my princess bed,
to my pleasant discovery, was laid next to the sill at the window,
so i lay on it,
in the sun,
for a while.


i am sooooooooo looking forward to my Bali trip this week!


Anonymous said...

have a nice Bali trip! Im going to shanghai for vacation too!

Anonymous said...

have a nice Bali trip! Im going to shanghai for vacation too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful performance at the Leehom concert! I was there and had a great time. Even though Leehom wasn't feeling that great, he still gave an awesome performance. I'm just thinking that his concerts must be so fantastic when he's in top form.

And I echo your sentiments about the Venetian. It is fun for about 5 minutes and that's it. But I can't believe you didn't try the Portugese egg tarts! They are very good and different from the HK egg tarts!

Ying said...

Surely, the stage is grander than Singapore's. Very happy to hear that the concert was successful. We all are worrying about Lee Hom's health.
And thank you for your post :)

Chong Wee said...

i went to that casino too. it was real big..

you should go to st paul church at nite..
it looks amazing...

Unknown said...

Certainly looks fruitful. The Venetian at Macau is uncannily similar to that in Las Vegas, which I guess shouldn't be surprising since its the same company (Sands). Looks like you are truly travelling palces with the stars of the Asian song scene! Cool job... and great hotel room!

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Thanks for the Macau update! Poor Leehom...never seen him perform like that before:-( I also felt pain seeing him struggle esp in the beginning ( this is all from youtube!). He seemed betted in the end. I am sure Vegas will be better, good luck!

anett said...

Thank you for all your wonderful blog posting. Can't wait for your Lee Hom's LV's concert story.

Just a small tip for your Bali trip, it has been pouring rain in most parts of Indonesia, some parts of Bali were flooded early this month, so be prepared and don't forget your umbrella :)

Have a nice trip in Bali

MoonFlower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Its nice that you can travel around the world while doing smth you love = )

have fun in bali!

Anonymous said...

heyy kewei :)

just heard your 1234567 demo, was a nice version of yours... :)

Yea! you also going for Impresario Semi Finals @ Junction 8 ? i'm going too, cos happened to receive a email from Impresario about semi finals held at J8...then wanna go see see...
cya then :)

Anonymous said...

just bali?
maybe u must try lombok...
even that place not as lux as bali...
but lombok has many great beach.....
very very friendly city....

Anonymous said...

hope shanghai was gd for you michelle! i had a good time in bali :)

hey amelia, yep glad you had fun! i think leehom always gives his all for concerts as much as he can :) yeah i really didnt try the egg tarts. argh. oh well.

hi yiying, i know! leehom is working really hard...

chong wee.. hmm that wld be interesting :)

hi coolinsider! i saw on ur blog u went to vegas recently too! as you can tell im not a big fan of casinos and grandiose man-made entertainment, but im definitely looking out for bargain coach bags. hahaha

zelina, yup i guess he was overworked :S

Anett, yes luckily it wasnt so bad! i mean the rain... :)

xt yup ill be there at the semis.. still thinking of what to sing...

hi kimi! bali people are very friendly yes :) in fact i think my japanese improved. everyone would konnichiwa me and speak to me in japanese -_-"

Anonymous said...


Helder Fraguas said...

What a great stay in Macau, a wonderful place.
Helder Fraguas


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