Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bali bound with a 6 month old baby!

Ok officially our first trip overseas with Daddy now! Bali bound! ✈️

Momo went on his first with me to Hong Kong on my work trip, 
singing for Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival, 
and Alfredo was sooo sore that he missed out!

Momo is pretty okay on flights as long as he is entertained...
most of the time we leave it to the passengers around us to help do the job!

Mother-son twinning got everyone thinking Momo was a girl!


Caught the sunset, and Momo saw and heard the ocean for the first time!
I'm not into twinning (so I say) but matching is ok! haha

Momo loved the big king sized bed and ceiling art! 
Ok probably not as much as we looooved the king bed and the space to sleep in.

We caught the sunrise, and brought a sleeping Momo with us...
we were the first at the breakfast buffet, and that's when he woke up!

Momo’s first pool experience! 💦
Wrapped him in an aqua warmer suit for the first 2 days 
as I was worried about his first time in cold water, 
but ditched it on the 3rd day! 👙

We also pretty much went by Momo's schedule 
which consisted of two naps a day
so it was a very chill trip
with almost no agenda

to be honest,
we didn't event step out of Club Med Bali
as it was just gorgeous,
free flow food and drinks all day
and we decided to just chill and not explore Bali.

  Bali Baby Barang 

Here’s my list of essentials for baby’s first Bali trip!
He's 6 months 2 weeks btw,
his first trip was 5 months 3 weeks to Hong Kong!

* Travel toiletries 🛁 
got this convenient pack from Gaia that includes soap, shampoo and moisturizer!

                                                                                     * Hat 👒 
not just great for photos, this was really useful when out and about in the sun! 
he never took it off! 

                                                                                * Sunglasses 🕶 
we got an unbreakable snug-fit pair from Motherswork and used it very often!

                                                                                  * Aviators 👨🏻‍✈️ 
only good for photos as it was full of poky bits 
and not too safe for baby handling. 

* Sunscreen ☀️ 
I used a spray-on sunscreen which also was a lightweight mosquito repellent from Alobaby
and sometimes also applied some Aveeno cream sunscreen on him

                                                                            * Mosquito patches
 luckily Momo didn’t get any bites this time

                                                                         * Aqua warmer suit 👙
for his first public pool experience, 
we were worried that the water might be too cold, 
but we ditched it on his third day in the pool 
as it’s rather hot in Bali now!

                                                                              * Neck float 🍩 
his first try! Momo’s never been to any baby spa before. 
He didn’t really like it I think..

                                                                                 * Mini Fan 🌬
(forgot to include in photo!) 
super essential! Got one that could sit on tables and be tilted at any angle.

                                                                            * Hooded towel 🦄 
a unicorn one always works!
this one is from skiphop from Motherswork as well


Hold him a little longer, 
rock him a little more, 
tell him another story, 
you’ve only told him four. 
Let him sleep on your shoulder, 
rejoice in his happy smile, 
he is only a little guy, 
for such a little while. 😭

This little poem really made me cry because there are times 
when baby time can get really overwhelming
but these words really remind me that
it'll be over before it know it.

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