Sunday, August 26, 2007

bring me some bling

i’m new to all this Make-Money-Through-Blogging phenomenon,
but I have to say this – Advertlets works!

i’ve yet to try google adsense for the plain reason that something screwed up
because I use different gmail accounts for different purposes –
so this technical glitch has yet to be fixed.

i added a bidvertisers ad box but apparently
it only brings in a few cents for every click.

nuffnang on the other hand, seems to be catching on
but all it does is display a link to its site for more signups
i think only the big players in blogging really get the ads and the cash
whereas other small timers like myself get nothing in the meantime…

Advertlets gives cash for impressions as well, not just clicks on the ad itself
which means my traffic count at my blog counts towards the cash I get 

honestly, not many would click on the ads right…
so ad impressions do make a difference!

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I can have a free plate of chicken rice and ice lemon tea for lunch!

It may not be a lot, but it’s something!
Everything starts small!

P.S. have updated my google adsense, but it seems they also pay per click =S


Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agreed with you. Nuffnang's ads seems like limited.

Unknown said...

lol, kewei, I din notice you actually had the advertlets code already in your blog...

so I guess you already knew about the review thingy before I emailed u? haha, hope you do get paid for it too!

btw, how u knew about this program?

oh and based on my experience, adsense doesn't really pay for impressions... think u need like millions of impressions before u even get 10 cents...

Anonymous said...

wow, u are into lots of advertising companies! how are results from bidvertiser so far? said...

yah! im sure it's a disorder! i just keep adding the ads... see which works! haha
i just saw advertlets on some other blogs, so gave it a go :)
well bidvertisers pay per click, so not really working either :p

lawrence said...

akalawoo, work for kewei blog as it make money through page impression. My blog make 10 cent sg per day for 60 page impression, so i guess kewei should make average 30 cent sg per day haha. Adsense blog is good if you know how to place the ads. Sometime you can earn up till 5 - 10 US bucks in a day...

well is good to have extra money and kewei alot of people from my blog see your profile... haha


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