Wednesday, August 15, 2007


881 has been making waves in the local film scene,
I haven't seen it yet
but I will. :)

More importantly to me, the soundtrack is the work of local music geniuses. Eric Ng, Wu Jiahui, Bang Wenfu... many more :)
i had the honour of playing a very small erhu part in one of the songs called Jing Lang Cries or something like that.. when it's just erhu and piano. :)

the melody + the vocals + vocal technique = perfect.
by jim "slimface" lim, my idol!

i tried very hard to find a picture of Jim looking normal.
This was the only one - haha!
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during JJ's concert while we were backing vocalists...
and he looks really intense while he's at it.. hehe

and he looks normal here BECAUSE he didn't know I was taking a photo!
Otherwise it would be funny faces galore!!!
He is really funny la!

But with all due respect,
he writes the most beautiful and touching songs :)

i found another one of David and Jim
hard at work during rehearsals
playing PSP.
i had no gadgets then, armed only with a book, but now HAHA! I have NDS!
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we (david tan and i) always tease him by singing all his hit songs
and he would be very paiseh .. "eh thanks la thanks la.. okk..enough..."
favourite lines to belt to him...

songs like yanzi's
"我的爱... 明明还在,转身了才明白该把幸福找回来~~..而不是各自缅怀"


and lately amei's

and of course

the list is endless!!
and now I have a new song to sing to him


S.a.p.p.h.i.r.e said...

wahh.. all the song veri nice...

reborn.rach said...

hmm, the erhu brought out the feelings. the open strings were tuned to C-G ?

Anonymous said...

hi kewei!
just found ur blog, thru random search n ooh, it's an interesting one here with songs, but, layout a bit messy..?
and hey, those songs by jim are all in my all-time-fav list!
but wht's de last song thou?

K said...

oops! ice^angel, actually the erhu on the youtube clip is not played by me, i played in this song called jing lang cries, the mv you're watching is called dai ti. :p
and shin, ya i'm a html idiot la! i wanna put the blog column flush left, but not sure how to do it, so i just leave it la haha... i spent one whole afternoon switching to 3 column format, so had enough liao! haha..
and the last song, is jim's song on youtube link above la... u never click and listen.... hehe

Anonymous said...

生日快乐! =)

reborn.rach said...

haha, but my stand still stays la.

Evonne said...

oh late :(
happy belated birthday!hope you had enjoy le :D

XT said...

Yoz Kewei, sorry for late msg here, wish you happy belated bday, and all the best in whatever things you do, may all your wishes come true :)


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