Tuesday, October 30, 2007

concerts galore!

just back from David Tao's show in Taipei,
we sang lots of songs and made many people happy :)

i cameo at 03:00 get entangled with DT in quite a ridiculous fashion. HAHA!

spent a crazy amount on boots, including a secret agent ala 特务J thigh-high shiny PVC black pair.

sounds spanking awesome doesn't it!

it's for Amei's concert which kicks off this Saturday in Shanghai :)
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i went shopping with the stylist in 忠孝东区 and we were worming our way round all the little shops which I would never have known existed without her!

i'll most probably be tucked away in a corner onstage where no one can see my shoes,
but hey, it'll come in handy for my TOP SECRET 特务 assignments that are so CONFIDENTIAL no one EVER knows about them ...
(including me).

right now
i really really miss my ZPGY,
just a good old dinner with my buddies i haven't met for weeks will do..

and a swim in sunny waters,
to stretch out this old bag of bones,
and so i pray, rain rain go away.


Anonymous said...


i'm attending amei's concert on nov 8!
what's it like working with this pop diva?
all the best in your upcoming concerts :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw your omy blog and came here from there. My pc was on real loud so your songs came as a surprise. Lovely voice..I hope u get signed on as an artiste real soon and get to do your own concerts!

Unknown said...

It was great to see u at DT's concert again. I am DT's fan from DT TW Fan Club. We wore blue shirt and sit in the front. Did u see us?! We did have great time, and u guys were really great. I went to the concert in 上海 & 南京, and I love the one in Taipei the most. How about u? Hope u did have fun time, too. Hope I will see u at DT's other concert. ^^

K said...

hi chris! amei is super nice, and she sings out everytime for allllll the rehearsals. No. 1 PRO!
will blog more about this very soon!

and melody, thanks for popping by! haha sometimes i still dream of becoming a popstar la :) sorry if my songs scared you!

and sophie! hello! yes you guys were great! next time you should hold a card saying SOPHIE HERE! so i know who you are :)

Anonymous said...

No..you didn't scare anyone. :)your lovely voice n song was a nice touch to your blog. :)

Unknown said...

Dear KeWei,

I am too shy to do that la!! haha~^+++^
By the way, do u remember that u took a photo with us? (before the concert on 10/27) Here is the alubm we put all the pics, including other pics with James, Mohd Noor, Andrew..) You can go check it out, and pass those pics to them if possible.^^ 3Q Hope u will enjoy them.
Best wishes to u at Mei's concert~~

Anonymous said...

woohoo.. looking forward to your updates of amei and the concert.
sure hope her voice is holding up after the intensive rehearsals :p


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