Saturday, October 20, 2007


Just back from JJ's concert in Shanghai,

in the midst of Amei rehearsals now... *SHIOK* but also *STRESS*

next week gonna be off to Taipei for David Tao's concerts!
there should be 2 or 3 in a row... *STRESSSSS*

the last time I did 3 concerts in a row was for David Tao in HK,
it was like a dream.

the 1st day I'd wake up,
quick lunch, sound check, makeup for 2 hours!! (it's true! she spent 10 minutes drawing each brow can you imagine), change, get ready, show, supper, sleep.

the 2nd day, repeat as above.

the 3rd day, repeat as above.
just that instead of supper we get a happening post party to top it off,
then stumble into bed, wake up, pack luggage, rush off to airport.

right now,
there are 3 ulcers in my mouth, impending sore throat and fever.
i'm going to crash.


Anonymous said...

take care man! =)

Anonymous said...

yea, take care ok!! drink more water! see you next week! hope you are in tip top condition! :)


Anonymous said...

I think keeping yourself in proper shape n health to perform your best everytime is part of being professional. Do take care of yourself in your daily life be it your are packed with work or got nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

wah so busy....mus b so tiring.

take good care ya.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei,

我也是音乐人,希望有机会可以合作 :)

Sean Ho said...

Haha...same here. Sore throat and cough but on the way to recovery. Take care and rest more!

See you around! =D

Syafiq said...

hey, nice blog u got. i was blog hopping and i reached ur blog.. ur so cool! backup singer for my idol, jj lin. i love singing very much too. but not that good compare to u. hehe.. keep up the good work!

Lee Chien said...

hello... your blog is very interesting... love to read your blog..

Unknown said...

drink more honey lemon

you are such a dahlinn

pls take care

looking forward to more of your bloggings.

do leave me a line in my bloggie ya


CK Ng said...

Hi Kewei,


K said...

thanks everyone!

kclau, if you see this, you can mail me at! :)


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