Friday, October 5, 2007


i'm an OMY blogger!

very happening interactive news website,
and it's bilingual!

i'd also be performing at the launch!
venue: Vivocity Amphitheatre (Level 3)
time : 3pm
programme lineup here.

and omy!
i changed my hair!

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chemical abuse + freaky hairstyle by master kef!

at this stage,
i am always fascinatingly curious about how my hair colour would turn out.

it was to be different shades of brown,
so milk asked: 会不会像咖啡,又掺奶,又掺巧克力那种?
and kef said :Yalo.
milk: 哇。那不会是一颗很yummy的头。。。

(who says 一颗 for 头??
milk writes the bestest travelogue, which i am helplessly addicted to.)

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my hair is officially falling apart.
i am smiling because i don't know it yet.

today i woke up and it was a POOF.
it is dehydrated, frizzed at the ends, and you know, a POOF.

now poofy hair, is something that requires high maintenance, extra attention,
all of which i refuse to give my hair on normal occasions.

i had plans to free my hair from chemical abuse
after my last dye-job,
but black was too much to bear after a while.

so now i have to suffer for my vanity. :(

in an attempt to hide my poofy hair,
i kinda just hide all of it la.

our 3rd video!!!
in cantonese!

i love this song :)

MP3 download HERE!


huckerby said...

hi kewei,

i think your hair looks fine :) did ein ein cut her hair too?

i really like your vocal tone! hope to have the chance to catch you live sometime soon. in the meantime, all the best for your music :)

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite songs =)
prefer old hairstyle :P

Anonymous said...

Think i am really not fated to see you perform. Just made an appointment 5 mins b4 reading ur blog. Your hair looks fine in the photo but i know how deceiving it can be. You AND your hair are suffering from your vanity, maybe it is time for you to treat it well and be the only one suffering from the hassle instead of letting both you and it suffer.

Anonymous said...

Nice song...but some how it seems to me that some of ur cantonese have a mandrain slang...quite serious for some of the words but most of them are properly pronounced =) Good efford...Good try...hope my comment wun dampen your interest in canto songs...Practice makes perfect ya!

JoY-JoY said...

Hey Kewei~

I adore this song too!!! My fav ever since I first heard it at Eason's concert - fantastic!~

Keep up the good work and all the best in your music career. =)


Anonymous said...

It nice :)
and ur hairstyle NICE too :)


Anonymous said...

okay takeaway. you know im going bonkas listening to you croon in cantonese. *bounces in glee* that was awesome ok. awesome. :) - your cantopop queen of a fren.

Anonymous said...

不是牛奶啊~是Chocolate :P

milk said...

yo. i tell u, ur head is so yummy since the day you colored it. It's a bravo move to do that. Shd do that more often!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I feel that pronounciation is not really that important. The overall feel is more crucial. Eventually the listener must enjoy your singing right?

BTW, I like your voice. =)


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