Saturday, November 3, 2007

blogging from Shanghai

A lot of people said you can't access Blogger or Blogspot in China,
due to political restrictions.

Obviously they are wrong,
because I tried,
and here I am blogging from the Shanghai Stadium.

I am awed by the sheer enormity of the stage,
the intricacy of the production,
the NY-choreography of the dancers,
the resilience of Amei's voice (despite the cold),
and its power to make me cry.

It is extremely cold and I'd be in a short tube dress!
I absolutely dread it. Can't imagine what it'd be like!

There is half an hour to go before we have to report back at the stadium,
Amei's 1st show of her STAR tour is starting in 2 hours time!!!

*giddy with excitement*


Anonymous said...

jiayou! :)


Anonymous said...

wow.nice blog.keep your good works :)

Anne said...

ya i can also access blogspot in beijing. i think it only applies to certain isp! :) Have a great performance!

Sean Ho said...

Jia you wor. Rmb to post more pics for us when you can access e blog again. =)

Par said...

Theres always other blog sites :P

Anonymous said...

Hey I am a huge fan of yours keep up the good work! one day be a big star like them right? =)

Anonymous said...

I love you keweiii your songs and voice are soo good! kk add me on msn I want to learn from you lol!

K i t t y said...

i miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

anyways, i'm back to blogging again... hahahaha...


XT said...

Kewei (:

jiayou for ahmei concert.
and dis wk ahmei concert in sg, can't go although i wished to go.

ahmei songs really POWER!

take care.

xueting (x[t])

Anonymous said...

I think you sing better than AhMei.

Anonymous said...

Wooh I read the shanghai concert was a blast. i'm sure you gals will kick ass at indoor stadium tomorrow.

Aren't you accompanying amei at her concert in new york later this mth?

Anonymous said...

hihie kewei

do u know where the place where xiao jing teng sings at? in taipei.. =)


XT said...

Ahmei's concert, the music is POWER!

sorry that unable to go although i really hoped to wish to, due to unable to postpone my work, BOOHOO.
hope there another chance in future.
really miz a super high concert!

x[t] (xueting) here.

live band for all occasions said...

thanks for the jiayou guys!

to kclau, to say that is a travesty! no one is as power as amei! but thanks for your kind words.

to chris, amei's NY concert is a smaller band, only 2 backing vocals out of the 5 will be going :)

to junie, i have no idea where xiao jing teng sings! i'll try to find out :)

to xueting, thank you so much for coming down to the stadium even tho u didn't watch the concert! you are really really sweet and that liang teh really came in handy :)


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