Friday, February 1, 2008

wakao Macau!

blogging in a trippy hotel room @ Hotel Lisboa, in Macau now.
it's my 1st time here!

8 degrees celsius = very very cold.

We braved the biting wind in search of Portugese food,
but it turned out to be a great setup for
a hot soupy noodle supper and hot pearl milk tea :D

We're here for a short show for David Tao,
he's part of the act for the opening of a new hotel, Ponte 16,
which happens tomorrow.

Right outside my window,
the psychedelic explosion of colours that is the Grand Lisboa,
ala Flamingo of Las Vegas in the 90s,
never sleeps.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could be somewhere far, far away from school. Haha. Hope the performance goes well.

You'll be at NUS on 4 Feb? Haha I'll go take a look after lessons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei, you can watch yourself at

Hope you had loads of fun in Macau- see you soon in HK & SG (sad that I can't see the show in Beijing though). Stay warm!:)

~ Fei

Anonymous said...

to julie, oops that was cancelled in the end ;P

and to fei, always my trusty source of DT media! thank you so much! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei, more videos here - enjoy! :)

~ fei


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