Tuesday, February 5, 2008


is what boyz II men is.


this song peels off my skin, layer by layer,
reaches into the bloody crevices of my chest
and caresses my heartstrings to my death...
and I won't even notice I'm gone.

the word LUSH (even in caps)
can't even begin to describe a fracaiton of the sound they mke.

and pardon the typos while i wipe the drool off my keyboard.

I'm reminded of the BoyzIIMen stuff I listened to when I was younger,
and how they used to move me.

Somehow, music, like wine, when aged with time,
always tastes better.

New music now just doesn't taste the same.
Nor does it give the thrills,
the way I felt when I was a virgin to all these genres that were unheard of
when all I listened to as a child was 93.3FM and 95.8FM.

which brings me to this next bit,
my parents had brought me up on a diet of Chinese Orchestra and Peking Opera, and nonstop 958FM.
how did I ever start singing jazz even?

einein asked me this once,
and i realised that in the pre-internet era,
i first heard swinging Sinatra jazz in midair on inflight audio entertainment,
and it was something i fell instantly in love with.
those niche channels were a godsend.

that and the occasional soundtrack appearances in romantic comedies of yesteryear.

So anyhoo,
here I am now,
drowning endlessly in music,
online :)

ps. thanks to junwei for sharing the songs,
and always knowing exactly what hits the spot. ;)


Anonymous said...

heys all the way from New york city, do you also like usher ? hes one of my favorite r&b artists. by the way can you send me a demo of that song you xie ai , i really like that song. my email is yeah_im_danny@yahoo.com

..::junwei::.. said...

looks like i can be qualified to be your music doctor eh? right doses at the right time ya *winks*


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