Thursday, September 18, 2008

月亮代表谁的心 - 陶喆

tribute to David Tao :)

I performed this classic live with the all-star band
at the Esplanade Outdoor Opening Concert,
complete with an erhu intro.

Erhu solo -

and the song itself :)

thanks to xt for the videos!


Anonymous said...

I love the original DT album version. However This one is awesome too! and Its even harder to be sung than the Album version!!

Im happy for you that you will have so many concerts in the coming month! Good on you!
Jia Yao!!!!

Anonymous said...

Special Credit to Erhu Performance! You made the song very special!

Anonymous said...

'tis maybe a little late. The performance was gd at the esplanade.
I was blew away by your "Moondance" at the phiharmonic concert. The audience were awesome!

Anonymous said...

to michelle, this is actually DT's concert version! hehe

to anne, thanks! :D there are beautiful pictures from that show! :D


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