Sunday, September 7, 2008


last minute packing is not my forte.

i like to lay allllllllll my things - on my bed.
clothes to wear for 2 weeks
laptop camera i-banking device mp3 player NDS etc


and then play music
and surf the net.

right now i'm listening to India Arie - Testimony Vol. 1 Life and Relationships
and blogging.

It's 4.39am,
and I have to reach the airport at 11am.

this is the best time to go...
hey! did i tell you about my latest buy from comex?


toshiba laptop and my awesome creative speakers!
i know... it's baby pink :)
i would have preferred a more classy gold sheen
but somehow i end up having many pink things in my possession ... somehow ...

packing, is like doing homework.
preparing, suffering now, for a future.

i suddenly feel a nostalgic rush
for those last-minute mugging sessions for exams,
and this is exactly what it is.

last minute mugging.

and of course, feeling an inexplicable urge to do all other nonsensical unimportant things like cleaning up your room, re-organising your worktable, surfing facebook, blogging rambling thoughts.

anything to get me away from packing.

more random stuff:


someone sketched me!
thanks fox! check out his site here :)

i like it :)
just like the header picture you see on the top left panel here,
a sketch of myself on a lined notebook in pink ink.

I met the lead singer of an underground band Steranko at a random MTV party,
and he did the sketch on a notebook that was in the MTV goodie bag.

very very random.

back to taipei!

i'll be in taipei for 2 weeks.

many friends ask,
oh! holiday or work?
Amei, or David Tao ah?

i hate to have to contain my excitement and delight,
and before i implode,
here's a little hint:


i am sooo excited you won't believe it.
but packing still sucks!



Anonymous said...

enjoy yourself to the max & say hi to WLH for me ... hehee!! cookie monster

Anonymous said...

heyy :)
congrats once again on "it" again!~
hmm...all the best in your work, as well as enjoy yourself too =)
pink is nice =D =D =D
take care yah! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, that reminded me of Steven Lim..

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOD. MUSIC MAN!!??? i was in taiwan for six weeks and the continuously playing commericials were mocking me because they knew i couldn't stay another month for the concert!! even though i won't be in the crowd...sadly, have an amazing time!!

Anonymous said...

WOW my dear! you're working with lee hom huh....
that is SOOOOOOO COOL!!!
btw, will you be at his Singapore concert as well? Coz i'm going for his Singapore's concert and it'll definitely be great to see you there too :)

if your answer is YES, then i'm such a lucky soul in the world! lol...

Anonymous said...

Kewei! ALl the best! Im sure so many great opportunities ahead!

By the way, Lee Hom is soooo hot! haha

Oh is ur new notebook 200GB model M800? its so nice!!!

melon said...

saw your youtube channel and love your voice.... congrats to the Leehom concert!!!! u lucky girl!!1 hope you have lots of fun

Anonymous said...

OHHHH! you finally confirmed us by your show schedule. As its world tour, is it supposed to be held in HK as well?!!!

Anonymous said...

I know ur new pink laptop new model M800-PINK... I saw it before the COMEX Fair.. it selling $2k with one year warranty only...I buy the smiliar model less than $2k with 3 years warranty...
I got one white toshiba laptop and need to really work hard to maintain...

Jing Rui said...

omg u are going to work with music man! envy you meh can work with lee hom

he is really great from his singing to his composing love his songs!

no wonder u are training to sing "第一个清晨" in ur previous videos

anyway take care and wish u good luck in ur coming performances at the taipei "Music-man" concert

Jing Rui said...

anyway those who want to listen to Lee hom new song --- 摇滚怎么了 can come to my blog to listen!

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei,

WOW!!! You are in Taipei!!!!! Hope you will enjoy the time here yo~~ If you need someone to guid you or give you a ride, let me know. heee^^

Jonathan Ho said...

take care in taipei!

Anonymous said...


Kewei jia you in taiwan!! HEh!!

Hope you can spare some time and drop a bday msg/well wishes or send us a letter here at for your good buddy Derrick Hoh! Hope u can do so, it'll shocked/ surprise him for sure!

Really wish to hear from u soon! Thanks! =)


Anonymous said...

WoW! that's great! i'll be flying there for Musicman's concert and i'm really glad to hear there will be another fellow Singaporean on the satage with David Tan and Kheng Long! All the Best, I'm sure you will be Great!!


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