Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

Clarence decided to document his jazzy arrangement of Sunday Morning,
so he roped me in to his little video project.

Maroon 5 is one of my favourite young bands :)
Adam Levin, bad boy image and all, is sizzling hot.

It is the song du jour which we perform at Wala Wala during Tuesday happy hours :)

MP3 download HERE :)


Winter Breeze said...

nice rendition =] it seemed tho that you were singing a little different then usual?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds very nice, do we have any chance to hear it at anybody's concert?

Anonymous said...

ur voice is beautiful,work hard,waitting for u new songs

Anonymous said...

jason, what do you mean?

nic, you will hear it on youtube exclusively haha... or at wala wala, for that matter.

thanks anon!

Winter Breeze said...

hmm, i think my comp had problem with audio kewei ><''' i was using head phones and they weren't the best of head phones hehe...i re listened and it sounds really good =]

~chew cup fanz~ jason

Anonymous said...

you really can sing jazz songs well! when will be your next performance at wala wala? i want to go and support you after my classes :)

bEar said...

haben been to wala for very long, din know u're still performin there

Anonymous said...

this is an awesome arrangement. do you guys tabs for this?


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