Saturday, September 13, 2008

i am in bliss.

2 weeks in taipei is ....

rehearsals everyday




and feasting everyday


we alwaaays go to the same places for food whenever we're back for concerts,
in my 5 days here i honestly haven't tried anything new!

hence no pictures haha

i can't overtly reveal too much about the show,
so check for updates :)

the media came in today tho :)



music man unveils his secret weapon....

to be updated!

ps. taipei is preparing for an imminent typhoon
with tape across the glass windows, sandbags and netting all around the building.
a first for me, what a sight!



Anonymous said...

heyy all e best for the rehearsals and concerts :)
take care and enjoy yourself too =)

Winter Breeze said...

take care!~ stay warm and don't get sick!!! =]

Blaize said...

big big typhoon in taipei!
otherwise, how do you like taipei? :]

Anonymous said...

What happened to eating my share of 小龙包? Hahaha =)

K said...

thanks guys!
i didnt get to experience any typhoon though, just huge amounts of wind and rain :p

Unknown said...

Hi Kewei,

was browsing the Internet for Lee Hom's news and came across your blog. and wow.... what a way for us to get an insight on Lee Hom's world tour. And I love every photos your posted. I was in Singapore for his concert and I thought the whole performance was marvellous! And all the divas were great too especially towards the end everyone came on stage!

Will you be blogging or posting more photos of his Singapore leg and upcoming tours?

All the best!


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