Monday, September 29, 2008

wanna hear my youtube covers on the go?

i know you do...

which is why i woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today
(no actually, i slept at 430am, woke at 730am)
and had nothing better to do than to extract audio from my videos,
to upload for your download pleasure.

i hear that when your sleeping patterns get really messed up
you might suddenly collapse and die.

and i really believe in that, so i am kinda scared now.

anyways, before i do,
at least you can take a piece of me with you in the form of an mp3 file :)

i can't allow downloads of the demos i've sung,
since the songs technically don't belong to me -
so i'm offering lousy live versions of my youtube covers instead.

click ->HERE<-
for a list of my youtube blog entries
and the MP3 download links :)

you know i love you :)



Winter Breeze said...

thanks for posting this kewei!!!

i think my favorite ones are khalil covers and eason's sun fu mo tian lun =]...<-- in canto cuz I am canto ^^

love your music~ i want to be the first to buy your album!!! even though i live in usa...i will stay up for release if it is sold online!

your "chew cup fanz" <-- canto too ehehhe meaning...super fan!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that will be helpful as slept at 430am and woke at 730am, so far so busy? Take care and will check your song once I have time


Anonymous said...

No kidding Kewei... Health is very important.. As you r still young... Sleep and rest more!

Thanks for all mp3 version! Actually I really enjoy ur demo song than the album one. but I understand about the copyright. So I rather to expect your OWN ALBUM!!!!

Anyhow.. I added your song in my imeem list as my background song on my blog!!


Anonymous said...

heyy don't always so late sleep...
get a good rest okay :)

take care and cya soon!

Kenneth Tam said...

hei, i wanted to downloads ur mp3s but they seem to not be working, can u fix them? cause i really like urs covers


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