Thursday, November 20, 2008

jazzy jon

This post is dedicated to Jazzy "mario-music" Jon,
with frantic 120bpm solos at indochine, laced with Nintendo Mario Bros influences...


Jazzy Jon leaves for greener pastures in foggy London -
to pursue his Masters in Music Performance,
so technically Kewei & Co. is no longer... T_T

speaking of which, have quit my 3-nights a week gig at Indochine
because of touring schedule :(
So long, jazzy nights by the river...

Before he left,
i managed to pin him down
and squeeze a solo out of him for my song!
Ru Guo will be rearranged - and most probably end up in my album,
featuring Jazzy Jon in a signature solo!

note: just one hand! no cheating! :D


Winter Breeze said...

insaneee!!! he's so good!

Anonymous said...

heyy nice!` jonathan on keyboard :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait to listen a new version of "Ru Guo"! The melody is very potential.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kewei!
Could you do a cover of Jason Mraz's Lucky?
I think it would suit your voice and I'm absolutely in love with that song.


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