Sunday, November 16, 2008

041008 Amei Encore Concert in Singapore

Amei was back in Singapore for an encore concert,
and it was sold out.. AGAIN!

Check out my blog entry about the show a year ago :)

I was checking out the stage during rehearsal, and turned to Jim,
"Isn't it scary that one year has past, and now we're here,
at the same place, the same stage, the same people,
gonna be singing the same songs and putting up the same show?"

Singing in a world tour is like living in a time capsule -
you do the same thing on the same stage with the same people,
in different places, that's all.

Now I don't even take many pictures when touring in China,
since all shows in China (except Beijing) are at outdoor stadiums,
and they look almost identical.

I still took looooaaaadddss of pictures this time because i LOVE the 四面台!!!

(i also finally downloaded NJStar so i can now type freely in Mandarin! Yippee!)

Band 第一次那么团结,
大家可以一起跳舞,一起搞怪 =P


jamie & salim


其实是因为没有位啦 。。。


可是请不要怀疑 - 他们的确超级帅。

Jamie的女儿 - 太会摆pose了吧


从来不懂要如何作transition... 就用回老话:
the show begins!






可以和观众一起看show... 实在爽!




不然演唱会照片统统都是拍背面而已... :p

阿妹下一站 - 到西安!
生平一定要看的兵马俑 - 我看到了!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Hey kewei! i love your voice! was at leehom sg concert you were amazing = )

btw, is the macau concert on jan 10th confirmed?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you contracted to Warner yet? Haha. I think you have the looks and voice.

Anonymous said...

I love the encore concert.. it actually outdid the first one! A really stupendous performance by Amei! How come the audience in your photos look so sedate one :p

Any news on the concert dvd... the Star tour is already almost a year old :(

Where is the Star tour headed nxt after HK?

Anonymous said...

hehe! you can type Chinese letter!
that's sounds goooooood for me ;)

Anonymous said...

Wooh! A*mei's fashionably torn jeans is cool. And those killer hhels :)
Any chance of the STAR concert coming to Sg again for the third time?

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed the concert too! A*mei at her best =D

Unknown said...

WOW~~ The 四面台 is really COOL!!!!! Will they bring it to TW?!?! If they do, then I wanna go for the concert again!!! ^^

Nana is really cute ne~~ Same as her father... hahahahahaha~~

I miss you guys already la!!!>"<

K said...

hey viv it shld be confirmed... well, unless they change it again!

thanks justin. i don't know.

ginny! the audience are sedate cuz i took before the show started. haha! very observant of you :)
i have no idea about the DVD! i will ask them the next time i see them... which will be in mid dec in HK!

after HK... the next date that we have is taipei in march. but im sure there will be concerts before that :)

i doubt the star tour would come to SG again! :p but who knows? write to the promoter! apparently thats what happened the other time, the overwhelming success of the show convinced the promoter it would sell out again the 2nd time...

hi sophie! yes i love it! it makes me feel very involved heheh. in fact it's the only 四面台 i've done in so many concerts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kewei march in taipei is it at 小巨蛋 and is it the last show ? The Concert very high and the japan song oso very nice.Kewei must remember ask 川哥 about the star tour concert bule-ray disc n when will out in asia or de whole world haha n tell him don't be too expensive (xiao di now only 13 years old)lol jia you for de nxt concert

Anonymous said...

I never knew there's this huge pic of a lion head on the 4-side stage. Cos I sat very close to the stage and didn't get to see it at all. So thanks for all the "insider" photos!

It must be interesting seeing A-mei rehearse the "orgy" bed scene with the hunky dancers. Every single move is so well-executed ;) The disco segment is among my favourite parts of the concert.

gosh! the concert dvd release seems to take forever :(

hope the star tour drops by at KL soon...

Anonymous said...


但就是行程很紧呀,可为要多注意身体哟 :P

Anonymous said...

i went for both the concerts. It was simply AWESOME!!! A*mei is such a wonderful singer and a awesome performer. Not only that i heard she's very nice i real life too.

anyways i think u guys(backup vocalist) did an awesome job!! Behind a great singer will always have a grp of great backup vocalists.

Jiayou!!! hope that soon you'll have ur own solo album.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know that A-Mei and Leehom uses the same crew members (band and dancers) Interesting ... or are they all like that?!


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