Friday, March 7, 2008

recordings, auditions,
getting to meet Fang Da Tong,
a very interesting photoshoot,
a week's trip to Beijing (great company and crazy food! i tried pig's brain!)
+ scaling the Great Wall in trashy boots,
and a renewed interest in shopping.

yes, i shop in spurts with no regard for price.

oh, we were just having fun experimenting with different looks for the shoot-
i was sooooo not used to curls...
but looked great for the shoot :)

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Anonymous said...

hey kewei...busy is busy, own health also need to take good care of yourself okay! dun tired urself! cya soon!

Ong M.Y said...

hey babe... I've got curls again too~ =) so what were u doing in Beijing? i helped out at DBK's birthday last Saturday at the temple n I didn't see u or ur sista. >:(
meet up real soon ok?



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