Friday, March 7, 2008

recordings, auditions,
getting to meet Fang Da Tong,
a very interesting photoshoot,
a week's trip to Beijing (great company and crazy food! i tried pig's brain!)
+ scaling the Great Wall in trashy boots,
and a renewed interest in shopping.

yes, i shop in spurts with no regard for price.

oh, we were just having fun experimenting with different looks for the shoot-
i was sooooo not used to curls...
but looked great for the shoot :)

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x[t] said...

hey kewei...busy is busy, own health also need to take good care of yourself okay! dun tired urself! cya soon!

Ong M.Y said...

hey babe... I've got curls again too~ =) so what were u doing in Beijing? i helped out at DBK's birthday last Saturday at the temple n I didn't see u or ur sista. >:(
meet up real soon ok?



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