Monday, January 28, 2008

open call

we have officially ended our set at Oosh,
still looking out for a new place for my pop-jazz setup Little Black Book.

BUT i am still at Wala Wala, Holland Village,
every Sunday 7pm-9pm,
(though the crowds tend to stream in after dinner, about 8pm)
and especially so for Jan&Feb!
before i start touring again.

A big thankYOU to all those who pay me surprise visits,
it always perks me up :D

ok, i admit.

i don't listen to radio,
i don't really watch mtv.
i don't know what is hot anymore.

let me know what has been spinning on radio,
what is happening on movie and drama soundtracks, can?

ie what is good for wala.

i am trying to do my homework... =/
see la, 4 am already.


trendinsights said...

Thanks for dropping by our site, hope to see you around soon.

ps: Great vocals you have! Beautiful!

Leon said...

hi kewei, i sent a msg to your myspace inbox, pls take a look, awaiting your reply soon, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hey kewei,

so u will be at there every sunday, i will try drop by to look for you.
anyway, cny coming soon, hope u enjoy, and also must be busy period for you, take care, and cya soon.

from xue ting

Anonymous said...

hey is there a way to download your songs ?

Anonymous said...

hi leon, saw ur msg :) its a long story, mm i was just lucky i guess!

and yes xt, i'd be at wala every sunday :)

to superboy, not at the moment.. but let me know which songs u like, maybe u can send an email to :)

Anonymous said...

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