Friday, May 16, 2008


i never watch TV in my home,
but this boy, i saw on cable TV in china;

i vividly recall being in a room with my bosco kheng long,
it was only the two of us having a foot massage,
while the rest were having full body massages.

and we were talking, flipping channels and
happened to come across American Idol.

Right at the end of the hour's massage,
David Archuleta, as the finale, sang Imagine.
And we were getting ready to leave,
but both of us just sat there, watching.

I love his tone, his style, and
he is so pleasant to look at!

Was supposed to learn songs for 3 upcoming weddings,
but ended up youtubing Archuleta...


jianglong said...

I'M FROM penang.
u ler?

JD Chua said...

i'm for david cook!

Jing Rui said...

More good music at


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