Wednesday, May 21, 2008


the daily news feed of earthquake victims always make me cry.
i am getting a little jaded of these armageddon images,
but at the same time inspired by all the acts of warmth and human kindness.

i was happy to be part of a charity drive spearheaded by 玖建,
he wrote a song and through word of mouth gathered several artistes/celebrities/singers/actors/dancers etc for an audio-visual recording.

this is but 1/10th of those present for the recording :)

Media is a tool we can use to relay images of painful reality, or hopeful ideals.

We faced the camera and said,
买CD, 送爱心.
众志成城, 帮助四川的灾民!

Buy the CD (it should be out soon), or find an organisation,
donate some love. <3


Anonymous said...

hi kewei,

where can i get the cd? thank u - cookie monster

Anonymous said...

hello :)
will def buy it when is out.
where can get it?

P.S: Help the people in sichuan!

xiao yi said...

we were like 1 of 100 there at Ocean Butterflies 3 nights ago? = P no room to "chat"...see you again soon!

Evonne said...


when can get the cd ??
jia you o!~

Anonymous said...

when can get the cd ??

wen0607 said...

Hey Kewei

Will definitely look out and buy the album...^^
Glad to meet you at the gig yesterday^^

Thanks for adding me in the facebook^^

Anonymous said...

for all who wish to know,
the CD will be out on wednesday available at all Sembawang Music Store at a price of 10 of which 8 will go to Red cross for the relief fund


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