Tuesday, May 13, 2008

110508 David Tao 王者归来 Encore Concert in Shanghai

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I'm lucky I know
But I wanna go home...

- Home, by Michael Buble

Yes, learning new songs - it's a never-ending process in my life.
Home was something I ought to know, but never got down to learning.
Printed the lyrics, youtubed it, and started transcribing the melody,
and this phrase struck me.

i love it.

Shanghai was unexpectedly cold, everyone was unprepared.
Right before going onstage,
I told David Tan,
"I'm already looking forward to the flight back home already, something is very wrong."
and he said,
"Yes, something is very wrong."

Yes I was shimmying up to DT in this little dress freezing my ass off.

Of course courtesy of my almost upskirt pic of aforementioned frozen butt,
this pic HAD TO appear in most papers in his concert review.
"... 陶喆与对唱的和声女歌手在演绎该曲唱到情深处,竟将穿着火辣的对方揽腰贴身抱起...引发台下女歌迷一片心碎的惊叫声。"

Oh, check out DT's multifarious new coat :)
He changed his outfits for this encore concert.

Giraffe and floral print spectacular!

We were in Shanghai last July
for the opening act of his 123 We Are All Wooden Men Tour,
and it was a huge success, so were were back again!

it had been awhile since we performed in an outdoor venue,
and just the number of people X the passion/screaming they exhibited
really drove me from wanting-to-go-home to a mad adrenaline rush :)

opening curtain

i took refuge in backstage (or downstage) from the cold whenever I could.
this staircase leads up to the fire and glory that is ONSTAGE :)

live editing of concert

during rehearsal,
the band plays 大风吹!

it started from this.
jamie and casey exchanging instruments.

(pix from my sony ericcson.
i lost my camera charger :( )

band leader eggs everybody on

david tan is liberace.

ujang takes on a different beat

elisa and i just laugh and take pix LOL

all this happened during the Marry Me Today opening segment,
while DT was whirling around with the dancer babes,
oblivious to the changes, but hearing very obviously that SOMETHING WAS WRONG.

and.... Jamie and Casey just had to pull this again during the concert itself.
POWER to spontaneity! :D

some randomness:

a very coincidental contrast:
i'm literally the 合音天使 with my full-on white outfit
complete with silver shoes and grey bag,
while elisa is fully decked in black.

hawking earrings by the roadside with an umbrella

Green Massage, next to Bellagio Cafe (our fav supper place) near 新天地
awfully posh and zen.

how about an origami lantern the size of 2 cows,
floating peacefully above a sandpit, i mean, a zen sand garden,
while you get your feet kneaded?

a mysterious buddha hand lighting my way to the toilet

i love the city area

i love the airport :)

till next time, shanghai!


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the gorgeous pic!! wish i could have been there, as it happened during my birthday..cookie monster =(

Anonymous said...

Shang Hai“王者归来”Photo!

Anonymous said...


Khalil's 復刻回憶.


Are we going to hear you sing it soon?

Unknown said...

Dear Kewei

I love the new airport, too... I ate "蟹粉小籠包" at the airport which was good. ^+++^

I miss you guys so much la... Do not know when we will have chance to meet each other again...>"<

You guys take care yo~~
Let me know if you have chance to come TW next time~^^


Anonymous said...

HI Kewei !

Thank you for the joyful moment in past 2 years and it's finally ended...........

We will miss you all..............

When will we meet again ummmmmmmm next year maybe I will come to singapore , don't know will you still remember my face.......... hahahaaaa

Take care and wish you pretty forever!


K said...

happy belated cookie monster! :)

thanks anonymous for the photos! OMG!
that photographer was in the first row, smack in the middle of the audience.
i could totally see him taking pix of the band, and of myself, so i posed for him. HAHAHA!

lionel! OMG!!!!!
thanks for the headsup. i never watch tv or listen to the radio so i know nothing abt new songs.
and OMG!!!!!
i can't believe he covered jacky's cover of a jap cover!
in fact it will soooo be a great KTV hit, but is horrendously not written by himself so i'm ... not gonna sing it -_-"

dear sophie, thanks so much for always being a dedicated, cheerful and bubbly girl to be around! will definitely have a chance to meet! heard DT might have more china shows after the olympics :)
and if im in taiwan, i will MEET YOU!

Dear ET, nooo it has not ended haha! we meet again ya!


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