Wednesday, May 28, 2008

别松开手 single out now!



the press conference was held the past weekend at Whitebait and Kale,
(i couldn't keep my hands off their smoked salmon, or that's what i think it is)
and representatives from Singapore Red Cross, Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China, and Sembawang Music were present.

The Chairman of SingCham was a Singaporean based in China for 12 years,
and she spoke of how the Singaporean business people were the 1st foreign organisation to rally donations and to initiate a helping hand,
and she nearly broke down while giving her speech.

Hearing her relate her 1st hand experiences really brought
a very real perspective to the tragedy,
and the climbing casualty figures became a monstrosity of pain,
than just jaded statistics.



with Peter laoshi and Green Swallow!

with Emma Yong

caught Jo Dong in the toilet :)

with Meixin!

we caught the 1st screening of the MV.
(of course not on this mini DV player!)
PS. I don't have a solo line in this song though,
I was singing as a chorus with several ex-Project Superstars.

玖建老师 had toiled endlessly on this project,
finding sponsors, partners,
recording, mixing and editing the song,
editing the MV...
all within a few days.

the least we could do for him was to sing a few lines,
and appear at the publicity shows.

i sincerely hope that with this little blog, or through facebook, etc,
that i can help in my little way to encourage more donations of love.

you can buy this CD from all Sembawang Music outlets,
$10 for the CD, $8 goes to the Red Cross, $2 for administrative fees.
Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

done!! i saw ur name "zheng ke wei" ... =)

cookie monster

Anonymous said...

hello! will def buy to help the charity one. . will try to buy a few!

xiao yi said...

truly wonderful to gather strength in unity & contribute our tiny bits..= )
glad to finally meet you via this project! = P

K said...

thanks guys:)

viagra online said...

Congratulations on having a nice gesture, thanks to the Red Cross Representatives from Singapore, Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China, and Sembawang Music Were present.


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