Monday, May 12, 2008

Indochine, Bar Opiume @ Empress Place

It's always a mouthful to update people about my new joint.

"Yeah, I'm singing at Indochine, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

"Oh it's the one at Empress Place."

"You know, at the Asian Civilisations Museum? Next to Victoria Theatre, Victoria Concert Hall? Opposite Boat Quay? Across the bridge from Fullerton Hotel?"

"Yup, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 930pm till past midnight."

So there you go.
It is absolutely awesome.
Alfresco dining and drinks, next to the Singapore riverscape,
I can't wait to start tomorrow!

With ma boyz Jonathan Ang on keys,
Daniel Purnomo on guitar :D

PS. I am officially gigging every weekday night now,
honestly, it scares me... there is a certain dread.
Putting up a good 3 sets every night needs an emotional energy...
which isn't easy to churn out on a daily basis.

BUT I will give it a shot and see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kewei,

Go with the flow of things - and most importantly, enjoy yourself while you're at it.
The schedules may seem overwhelming, but take it as it comes, and worry about it when it happens. :)

It's scary, it's difficult, it's better not to...
but to be afraid and leap regardless - there is such power in that.

:) All the best! It's encouraging to know that there are people out there chasing their bravest dreams.

Anonymous said...

Hi nice to hear that you got another singing joint, especially 1 on friday night, coz i don't really go drinking when i have to work the next day. Hopefully i will find a chance to go hear you again soon. (well the last time i said that, it took more than 1/2 a yr for it to be fulfilled)

Anonymous said...

Kewei :)

your schedules are almost everyday performing, do take a good rest and don't tired yourself! =D
have more rest okay!!

K said...

hey nic,
one week has passed. it's been ok :) definitely tiring. it's affecting my skin damn.
of course, i enjoy every bit of it.
i am literally living life to the fullest right now. o_O

hope to see you again andy!!


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