Friday, February 6, 2009

on 1003fm tonight :)

Tune in to 1003fm tonight
from 10pm-12am
as we talk about Impresario :)

Semi-finals happening this Sunday from 130pm,
at Junction 8.

I talk about my experiences as a contestant in Impresario years back,
about Ishi,
and the song I wrote for him.

I even played and sang my Ishi song live -
I wasn't prepared so it didn't turn out very well though...

Life goes on...

thanks to DJ Ken!
and the Committee of Impresario 2009


Anonymous said...

hellooooo :)
actually want to go J8 take a look one but i am having fever :(
anyways, take care! cya tomorrow =)

Ying said...

last Saturday, I was at my fri's house near Holland Village. We walked around there to find Wala Wala after dinner time. We guys want to see you live, but you sing on weekday only. It makes us difficult to arrange to come together :(

Jing Rui said...

hey kewei, the lady beside ken on his right is ur sis? both of u look quite alike...just guessing if she is ur sis...=)


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