Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i miss touring.

no tours this month.

been busy with album.

i miss touring!!!

good editing always sends chills down my spine.


Ying said...


anyway, see ya in Malaysia, Music-Man concert :)

guin3apig said...

im going to the concert too... ^^
see you guys in three months~

Unknown said...

Wait for next month ba... See you the end of March with Mei's concerts!!!!
Cannot wait!!!

Oh Yeah!!!

DannyT said...

YEAH I am looking forward to Amei's concert in KL next month!
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Haha..Wait for a while and u'll be touring with Amei and Leehom!

Btw, Leehom's behind the scenes looks great! Nice show~~

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Hi! I will be "seeing" u at in KL twice, for Amei and Leehom! Will send u some picts if I manage to get clear shots since I am sitting very near stage for both shows;-) Good luck!
U like the editing huh? I think Leehom did it...control freak he is:-)) Or to put it better, he is a perfectionist! Right, Kewei?

Anonymous said...

see everyone in KL and Taipei! :)
zelina, why do u think leehom did it himself??

zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Kewei: Because he did it for the Heroes of Earth DVD and this time round, the staff said he is done with editing the MM DVD:-) U can ask him....then let me know!

Little Sweets said...

Hi there Kewei, this is an utter cliche but I found my way in here while googling for Music Man's concert reviews. Took a full minute for me to get over the whole jaw-dropping enchilada. And a full 10mins to run through your playlist. You have a beautiful voice! I am feeling really sorry for myself for not having seen any of the Music Man concerts thus far 'cause of time constraint. And the internet isn't exactly up to date with the concert schedule. Where in the world would be the next scheduled concerts may I ask? :)


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