Friday, February 20, 2009

25 things.

i caved in, it seems like everyone cool is doing it, and i want to be cool.

1. i am a relentless, self-persecuting perfectionist. i do think it borders on destruction and a perpetuates a general disdain on mediocrity.

2. i can't cook, and have no interest in learning.

3. i swing from loving matte black nissan skylines, to having a baby pink laptop with a TwinStars puffy sticker on it.

4. i like robitussin honey cough drops (the one with liquid honey centre!) but can't seem to find it conveniently :S

5. i am a bad storyteller (i think).
everytime someone asks “So, tell me! What interesting/memorable/funny stories do you have from touring for 3 years with DT/Amei/JJ/Leehom?” and my mind is a blank.
i can answer questions like “So, what are they like?” but I don’t have a good story, sorry folks.

6. i spend an insane amount of time online.
many times i'm happier staying home exploring new things than hanging out with people.

7. i suck at keeping friends.

8. i don't enjoy the taste of alcohol, i'm boring when i'm drunk.
i just become gentler (i think).

9. i like living life like in movies.
sometimes i don't know what to do with the boring bits of my life which are not showed in movies.

10. i’m taking this very seriously –notice how I’ve tried to be VERY random.

11. I hate to sms. i find it an obtrusion to whatever I’m trying to do. I often ignore it, sometimes I look at it, and if it’s not urgent, I reply only when i’m in the cab/waiting for something. Urgent smses are usually quotations, where are you?s, etc. Smses requiring me to say , “wait let me check and get back to you” are usually ignored till I check and after which I reply with the requested answer. Which explains… no. 7. So… sorry guys!!!

12. dettol instant hand sanitiser is great for travelling.

13. I’ve never had a pedicure.

14. I am NOT A FAN of horror movies. I make it a point to keep scary images out of my head and prefer to wear a smile on my face.

15. I love the smell of Neutrogena rainbath, and the Palmolive one in purple.

16. I struggle very hard to keep the balance between my business brain, and my artistic core.

17. I DO NOT like soft toys. small ones are okay, I have some, but some is enough.
When I receive random gifts of such, my OS just goes “OH. MY. GOD.”

18. i’m not a gadget freak.

19. Lately, I have had little interest nor motivation in shopping. Too many consumer goods, too little meaning. Too much waste. Especially when I shop at wholesale outlets, the thousands of ugly bags, horrible looking clothes and jeans etc scare me. Where are all these products going to end up?? What about all those dying kids in 3rd world countries who need them?? Resource allocation is seriously misaligned.

20. I was inspired by . It’s a 20 minute video, but watch it.

21. when I was young, the Buddhist doctrine of “Do not let your possessions possess you” stuck in my head. I was never the kind to mourn the scratch on my phone/watch/laptop/car.

22. I wear my emotions on my face.

23. I play the erhu, piano, guitar, violin. In order of excellence.

24. I believe in karma.

25. I’m now working on my EP (potentially 6 track), aiming to release by July. I hope you'd be curious enough to take a listen. :D


Anonymous said...

Ha! The 25 things list finally got to you! When I made my 25 things list, I also said that I've never had a pedicure and my girl friends all freaked out. They thought it was the strangest thing ever.

Good luck with your new EP! Eagerly anticipating!

Jing Rui said...

Looking forward to the release of ur EP! good luck!=)

Anonymous said...

finally you bring out your EP !! really looking forward, waited already so long for !!!

Anonymous said...

if the comformists r cool, thank God i'm HOT! :) i might know something adout no.4, n u might want to rephrase no.7. it got my hope up for a while ;) no.18, well, i've seen u in person, i know u r too good looking to be anywhere close to a freak, no.24, who is this karma guy? i can tell u, guys have only 1 thing in their mind, dod't believe him! no.25, not too keen til its out, but erhu, can u play 'feng qu huang' (my hanyu sucks too, male phoenix looking for female is the direct translation).

hope u enjoy my irrelevant ranting

(photographer in sheraton dec 09)

Light.M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Light.M said...

EP,honestly, I am worried the 6 songs in your EP. All people like your singing, or let's say 99%.:P

To see those super stars, even them, only one or two successful songs in their album is so common.
For your first time, you may have to get more than that.

Althought I rarely leave a comment here, I did check out your blog every day and listen your songs from Imeem every week.It's been 2 years... ? Now it seems the time is coming to let more people know what I like. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

我聽了 "弦外之音" 我覺得你唱得比較好!! ;)

Unknown said...

GOGOGO!All the best in what you do!
Bleach Shippuuden

Anonymous said...

amelia, now you know you're not the only one :p

thanks jude, for your irrelevant rantings...

thanks light.m :) for making your presence known :)

and also vanesa and lohking! :)


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