Thursday, February 5, 2009

Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie

The magnificent success of this viral music video makes me unthinkably happy.

I have always marvelled at simple, but well-executed ideas,
that captures the hearts of millions, across the globe, across all boundaries.

I languished in the sweet, clever and endearing stop motion pictures,
and it was only a day or 2 later that I decided to hear more of Oren Lavie.

I love every song on his MySpace,
especially The Opposite Side of the Sea
(whose strings remind me fondly of a great song: Stem by Shiina Ringo)

And then I ventured further,
and naturally fell in love with the simplicity of his website.

How his personality shone through, in the way he writes,
in the creative choices of his website design,
all added up together,
that magnetised his entire product - his music and art,
that makes me want to spread the word about him,
declare my love for his video and music.

I have been cooping up at home and
making intensive creative decisions about my album layout/design.

I want the entire product (music,album, website, photos) to be
yet striking.
It is an ideal that I struggle very hard to keep coherent,

I keep thinking if I should sign on to a label, or do it myself.
I can't seem to decide, and I seem to incline towards DIY,
where I can have full control over what I want.

There are pros and cons on each side of the coin,
and the sheer complexity of trying to foretell unknowns...
makes me want to slink back to concentrate on working on my product instead.

I don't deny that I need, and even crave guidance at some points,
and I will ask, definitely.
I will ask around for directions.

I'm not trying to be a maverick in my singer-songwriter career,
I am trying to see what best fits in this grand scheme of things....
that is called

Thanks to Rey for sharing good finds :)


Anonymous said...

加油 :)

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking, it's better to craft your album personally. When you're able to produce something of your own, just like the way you wanted, your listeners and fans will definitely feel in sync with your compositions through the personal touch. It may be tough to oversee the whole album production. But it is definitely an enriching and awe-inspiring process. What's more! you've done a really good job in your previous compositions. JIA YOU Kewei! cause i know that no matter what, you'll definitely give your best shot in carving your music career and i'm all ready to root for you in your future world tour :)

Anonymous said...

in life we have our stories to tell, just present yours to us in your own style. something that has a bit of yourself inside. cheers.


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