Monday, July 6, 2009

live consciously.

I keep thinking strange thoughts these days.
Trying to think out of the box,
trying to avoid a mindless living.

I think about what truly matters to me,
avoiding (if I can) the usual mainstream past-times such as movie-watching, hanging out for drinks, shopping.
It seems theses activities are the default past-times for city-dwellers, which I find hard to subscribe to sometimes.

I read about environmentalism, and learn about the destructiveness of consumerism.
Do we need so many clothes, shoes, bags? Makeup? Bottles of skincare?

Advertisements everywhere - on TV, in malls, in magazines, on radio, on celebrities,
they keep telling us that we WANT those stuff,
the latest iPhone,
the latest Loewe bag.

Honestly, I don't.

Once that switch is flipped, it's miraculous how differently you view shopping.

I have been less and less interested in shopping (which bears no good seeing that I need pretty clothes to perform), more and more interested in decluttering.

Can you believe a man chose to take up the challenge and live with only 100 items for a whole year?

I know, I think I have more than 100 items for makeup and skincare already.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror,
I'm buying less.

I'm still thinking of a practical way to rid of all my unwanted stuff,
which are still in great condition.

I might sell them here, or not.
Will think about it.

hoarding is emotional,
but i know there is so much junk in my drawers that remain untouched for years...


Anonymous said...

Hi KW,

Totally agree what you are saying abt consumerism. There are some events that you can do @ Spore to recycling items and contribute to the charity. Would love to share with you if you are interested (but not so keen on sharing my email online here!)

Lemme know if it's possible to email you via your yours truly email :)


kewei said...

hi anon, sure do email me! :)

michelle@HK said...

U R Right! Those so-called luxury stuffs wont get our life more meaningful. It also got me thinking that I actually dun really need limited edition bags and stuffs,etc.

Love to read your blog . Not only able to catch up your music path, but also get some inspiration in all aspects! :) Thanks!

Looking forward for your own EP/Album!

Anonymous said...

money ,desire, matters. that's all for far as I see..
interest is desire...

no matter what happened, just dont feel regret. while, sometimes it is difficult to say you will or not..

just found this website because your beautiful voice. HOpefully, this is not rude.

Anonymous said...

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