Wednesday, July 15, 2009

upcoming showcase @ Esplanade Waterfront :)

irony is ...
trying to be healthy (i am crazy about yoga these days) but sleeping at 5am.
aiming to be environmentally conscious but driving a car.

being a singer but TRYING to play the guitar,for my upcoming showcase with Einein.

this Trying-To-Play-The-Guitar stint has reduced me to a fumbling, nervous idiot onstage.
i hate it. :(


Kewei & Einein showcase
Esplanade Waterfront
Friday 17 July

one set only, which is why I decided to TRY to play guitar.
I'll be singing some songs from my blog radio, as well as Ein's songs - all originals!

You can check out the facebook event here, and also see our nice photos from HK shoot!


Kewei & Friends showcase
Esplanade Waterfront
Sunday 19 July

two sets, with a bigger band and with even BIGGER CAST!

I'll be singing my originals, together with Alfred, Ginny, Dawn, Leon, my sis Kexin
basically its the team from Yours Truly.

Then I'll leave the guitar-playing to the experts! Yahoo!


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