Wednesday, July 1, 2009

singing competitions


i spent the entire Sunday watching FANTASTIC vocalists battle it out live to win a spot on Taiwanese 星光大道...

these guys are the cream of the crop, many of them are alumni of Singapore reality TV singing competitions, school competitions, etc.

all i can say is, if you wanna join the competition, you subject yourself to its rules.
there are losers and winners.
if you win, don't let your head get too big.
if you lose, it doesn't mean you suck.

it's so hard!

i think the only good thing out of all this is that you gain experience,
by putting yourself through all this trauma and stress,
and eventually learn something about yourself
you never would have learnt otherwise.

onward, fellow singers. :)
ONWARD! my dear friends, alfred, carrie, diya :)


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