Friday, July 2, 2010

3D filming this coming Thursday, 8 July ^_^

We are inviting you to be part of Kewei's 3D video shoot, where she will be recording originals from her upcoming debut solo album!

This will be a sneak preview to her brand new songs, performed as an acoustic session, as we experiment with the latest technology in 3D filming :)

Due to space constraint, only 20 audience members are allowed in the studio.

Please send your name and contact number to to secure your names on the guestlist.

More details on Facebook here :)

Hope to see you there!



在家工作 said...


tssohn said...

saw you performing as Eric Moo backup singer last night
This is the first time i saw you sing live and i think you have a pretty good voice.

Anonymous said...

Hi kewei,

I love your photo in this post. It's from the same series from your facebook profile picture and the event picture you put for the 3D video filming right?

Would like to know if there's a album of it or anywhere i can view more photos from the series? I'm a student photographer and I love those photos so i hope that i'm able to learn more from the photos.


Eve (:

Unknown said...

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