Saturday, July 17, 2010

write a song for our planet earth!

i'm proud to support this campaign, to spread awareness about our environment! ^_^

i wrote Plastic Mannequin Love some time back,
for no reason,
except to raise awareness about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

now you can write a song for our planet earth,
and win $5000!!! ^_^

More details on the NEA Eco Challenge 2010 here :)

Join them on Facebook to win prizes as well!
I would be performing at various spots for this campaign and you can find out where/when by following this page :)

I wrote new bits for my song, and you can hear them here first :)

"I'm singing a song for our planet earth
Where green and blue collide

But jungles are concrete and the sea's disguised

By all the stuff that got us by

I'm singing a song for our planet earth

To keep in sight and keep in mind

The trash that you owned, that you just threw out

Are still here singing out loud..."

keep writing,
and submit your entries before end of August! :)

1 comment:

Light.M said...

the lyric is beautiful.


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