Monday, November 11, 2013

Zenchi for Digital Fashion Week

I can always spot Zenchi's dresses from a mile away. 

One piece of cloth draped and styled, in a way only a master can, and a beautiful structured dress is created. 

I was lucky to be dressed by Zenchi as his guest on the opening show for Digital Fashion Week 2013!

With the always supportive, and very fashionable babes Rachel and Viola from Love Bonito!

With Sora Ma, whom I met a couple of times at events. She is so pretty!

With the vivacious and super skinny Sharon Au!

It was amazing to watch Naomi Campbell open the show in Zenchi. She has so much swag! But of course, as the pioneering batch of supermodels. 

So happy for Zenchi!  
I have a great video of her catwalk on my Instagram :)

Here's some behind the scenes, getting ready at the Makeup Room :)

Thank you Zenchi!!

The pleasure is mine!! :)

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